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Travel Life Britney Spears

Britney Spears may be regarded as a talented hard worker. Just imagine, he had started his career in the entertainment world ever since the age of 10 years by becoming a member of the Mickey Mouse Club in 1992. That is a club that hone and distribute children's talents in the entertainment world.

First Album 

In their teens, Britney Spears has spawned one single album with the song Baby One More Time mainstay. Tembang mainstay that carry his name soared to the top of the charts in America, and did not take long, the world also recognize his name as a talented young singer. 

A few months later, the same year ie 1999, Britney Spears is back throwing single called Sometimes. Good luck still on the way Britney's career. The second song was also exploded and is consolidating its name in the American music scene.

Britney Love Story 

During his youth, with a success that brought him to the career path and wealth, it seems Britney is still an ordinary girl. He also has a name dating. And his love fell on a member of the boyband, boy bander Justin Timberlake.

Failure of Household 

In 2004, Britney Spears will not proclaim to have sex before marriage, finally married to her boyfriend in high school, Jason Alexander. They were married in a small chapel in Las Vegas. But Britney's mother immediately cancel the wedding was to hire a lawyer. Only 52 hours, he holds the status as a wife. 

His second marriage, there was only 9 months of the failed first marriage. Her husband this time is the background dancer named Kevin Federline. From this second husband, Britney blessed with 2 children. In the pregnant state of his second son, Britney makes a scene with his willingness photographed naked in Japan. 

Only 2 years he survived status as a wife. He later divorced her husband, but it turns out child custody fell on her ex-husband.

The more casual 

Failure of the household as a Britney Spears turned into a figure who wishes his own. He often caused a sensation and the horrendous news. For example with his hair shaved bald, and kissing lips with Madonna in one of the concerts. 

Due to some strange behavior that, Britney several times had to undergo psychiatric treatment. It's a pity, because he was still very young and he also was very talented in the arts. I wish Britney would come back to religion, which teaches peace, he would not have to do all the things that make a sensation.  

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