Tuesday, 15 March 2011

OVERCOMING Ant Nests in Natural

Rather than get rid of the ants nest with insecticide sprays is dangerous, choose a natural way to control the population. Not infrequently we come across food that had just left a minute on the table, we knew already surrounded by ants. Not only sweet things like sugar, but peanuts, milk powder, until the butter did not escape the attack of this little creature. 

In addition to preventive measures, control ant nest you can do. Various methods were introduced to control the ant population. The first is a form of active ingredient that will poison the ants such as insecticide sprays. 

In the short term, this method proved effective, but only the ants that approached the spray area will die. There is also a way of feeding that makes ants bring food containing the toxin into the nest. That way the entire colony will be exterminated.

How Natural, Without Poisons
There is a better option, namely to control the ants by using natural materials. These materials are not toxic, so it will not disturb residents or pets. Around the house we find a lot of ingredients that hated ants. Here are some that can be used as a natural repellent material.

  1. Sprinkle baking soda around the plant or on a path that bypassed regular ant. Ants will disappear, because baking soda is toxic to ants.
  2. Draw lines on the wall as the entrance to the line of ants with chalk. Ants will not cross the line of chalk.
  3. Combine vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:1, then insert it into a spray bottle! This solution was to repel ants are clustered in the plant.
  4. Containing talcum baby powder is also not preferred by ants. Sprinkle a little in the path of ants, and ants will not cross it.
  5. Coffee bean grinder also effective repel ants. Spread a little near the plant! Ants will run away, but instead became fertile soil. In the closet that want to be free of ants, coffee powder can also be sown.
  6. Powder-powder with a strong aroma will also be avoided ants. Chili powder, pepper, and cinnamon can be sprinkled to prevent the passage of ants. The delicious smell of cinnamon can even function as well as air freshener.
  7. Soap made from natural materials can be used to kill ants. Mix with water, then plug it into a spray bottle and spray into the nest of ants. Soap will not poison the soil because it does not contain detergent, but will kill ants.
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