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Types of Narcotics

Narcotics are substances or drugs derived from a type of plant or not plant, either in the form of semi-synthesis and synthesis. For example, marijuana is better known as marijuana, coca flower, cocaine, opium is classified as narcotics according to Law. RI no. 22 of 1976.

Cannabis known as cannabis sativa was originally used to treat mild poisoning. The materials used to form the leaves, stems, and seeds, but always abused in its usage.
Many people mengkosumsi type of drug is a way to suck, as do people smoke cigarettes, but there are also people who enter into the food for the food was delicious.

Mentally addictive and thought to be slow, and pecandunya seem silly because that substance affects concentration and memory and thinking skills to decrease. Often a user searches for drugs in order to obtain maximum satisfaction / optimal even though they face a very serious risk.

The effects of marijuana addict, among others:

  1. Rejoice too much, if provoked laughter will be laughing to excess / prolonged, although nothing is funny.
  2. Feeling confident not care about the environment.
  3. Appetite increased, whereas if you work lazy, so the body becomes emaciated
  4. High ego feels itself needs exceeded.
  5. There is no sense of decorum inside or outside the home.
  6. His eyes glazed, glaring red, blurred vision and stagger
  7. When you are alone having hallucinations / menghayal, a lot of sweat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and sometimes insomnia

Morphine (Narcotics)
Morphine is a derivative of opium made from poppy sap mixing with other chemicals, so semi-synthetic nature. Morphine is the active ingredient of opium. In the medical world, this substance is used to reduce pain at the time to do surgery / operation.
The effects of morphine include:

  • It can suppress the nervous system activity
  • Slowing the breathing and heart rate
  • Zoom in blood vessels
  • Decrease the eyeball
  • Interfering with the work of organs like heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and intestines.

Heroin is a derivative of morphine which have had a chemical process. At first, heroin is used for the treatment of morphine dependence, but later proved that even more severe heroin addiction.

The effects of cocaine use will cause paranoia, hallucinations and decreased self-confidence. Users of these drugs will damage the nervous system in the brain, in addition to aggravate the respiratory system, excessive use of extremely dangerous and can lead to death.

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