Wednesday, 23 March 2011

8 Tips for Avoiding War Mouth

Although including the spice of love, but do not let the protracted quarrel. 

 Love is complicated to understand. Sometimes trivial problems can be a source of quarrels and your partner. 

Although quarrels including spice of love, but do not let this habit protracted. In order for an argument does not force you to end the relationship with a partner, the following nine ways you can apply, as quoted page Yahoo! Shine: 

1. Position yourself first 

People who spend time improving themselves will be happier than those who put the needs of their partner first. "When you develop your desire, you have more to teach others," said Gary Lewandowski Jr.., Ph.D., of the University of Monmouth, New Jersey. 

By trying to improve yourself, the couple will see your efforts in improving your relationship. Couples can also learn to better appreciate you and look at mistakes. 

2. Sleep when angry  

Research conducted by the University of California found that people often solve problems experienced during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM). "When I sleep, the brain make memories, combining old memories and new ideas to bring solutions," said study author, Sara Mednick, Ph.D. 

3. Respect the privacy of your relationship  

When you fight with your partner, do you vent online? If you perform an online publication on Facebook, for example, then others who read it will also agitated against your relationship, and will ask it to you. It actually makes you depressed. Couples will feel uncomfortable with it. 

4. Avoid friends who give a negative influence

Research conducted at Brown University found a tendency for separation of couples affected by separation by a friend. Your relationship can also be affected by the separation of your coworkers as much as 33%. 

5. Separate your work and leisure time  

"If you always work and there is no division between work and home, then you do find the pressure in the relationship," said Dr. Scott Haltzman, author of 'The Secrets of Happily Married Women'. Set a time limit to work, then use the remaining time to relax together before bed. 

6. Employ a maid

It is inevitable in the life of marriage, a wife would always be busy with cleaning activity in the house. While a husband is usually only a small role in the activity. If this activity is a source of new problems, is when you hire a housemaid. You and your partner can enjoy time together with fun. 

7. Joint expenditure plan  

The couple split up not because they do not have the money, but because they do not agree with how to manage finances. "Discuss your finances each month is a very important thing," says Manisha Thakor financial advisor. Manage finances together will develop a common mind you both for the long term. 

8. Short Sex  

Short sex may seem romantic, but short bursts of passion you and your partner will make you both feel more bonded. This is due to release of the hormone dopamine and oxytocin.
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