Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Fattest kid everyday Chinese Origin

Compared to boys his age, Xiao Hao has a weight five times greater. 
Viewing physique Xiao Hao, you probably will not think that this boy was 3 years old. How not, weight boy from Guangdong, China, has now reached 60 kg. 

Compared to boys his age, Xiao Hao has a weight five times greater. Doctors diagnose impaired growth hormone, as quoted from page Daily Mail. 

Whereas at birth, Hao had normal weight, which is 2.6 pounds. However, since the age of 3 months, her weight continued to rise. 

"Lust eat very high. He can eat three bowls of rice a jumbo-sized, bigger than me and his mother, "said the father Hao, Lu Yuncheng. 

Since the actual 1-year-old Hao parents Hao've been watching his diet. However, according to his parents if his will eat no diturutin he would cry and hold. 

For not getting her son's body weight to soar, many parents ask Hao to move and exercise. This family also put a basketball hoop in the yard. 

Hao also frequently invited to swim. But, the problem, each time after exercise, Hao appetite even bigger. As a result not even keep down weight shot up. See Hao here everyday! 

Not only increases the risk of various diseases, obesity suffered also makes Xiao Hao rejected a number of schools. Many school administrators are worried about a large body of Xiao Bao would endanger his classmates. 

Above conditions, the boy who lived in Guangzhou, southern China was forced to follow the pre-school education in a shelter. "He was very big, but not dangerous. He likes to play like his age," said the mother. (Umi)  

Source:: VIVAnews


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