Thursday, 10 February 2011

Influence On The Political Globalization: Globalization Vs Nationalism

Talk of globalization are endless. Dependence among nations has narrowed the actual physical distance and thousands of kilometers. The narrowness of the distance it has created the effect of globalization on politics, although each country has a system of political and law respectively. That is strong evidence of globalization in making breakthroughs to the political sphere of a nation. 

Mutual Affect Atmosphere 

Globalization is creating a political system affect the atmosphere of mutual interactions that take place between countries because of relatively long, as good or bad diplomatic relations between countries bilateral, regional, or international. By itself, this interaction will erode the borders that had been tenuous to be docked. 

The most concrete example is the impact of European Union membership. Spain as a country member must be willing to share power in setting the legislative body of law and the constitution according to EU standards. In fact, if viewed skupnya, this is Spain's internal affairs. Moreover, the constitution as the fundamental law of a country.
However, the guidance of political globalization is not the case. Determination of the laws and constitution of each member state should be open so that there is uniformity of policy and not to harm another member state. 

Nature of Political Bargaining 

This phenomenon is supported by the political nature of bargaining, can be negotiated. So, nothing is static politics, everything is dynamic. Power, legitimacy, systems, behaviors, participants, process, and the party, can change with the times so it is very likely influenced by globalization. The problem is whether such bargaining would bring the common good or benefiting parties. 

Positive Impact Bargaining 

Its positive impact is the system of government become more open and responsive to the times. If this dynamic with good intentions for the welfare of the people, by itself will strengthen the patriotism of the people against the government in setting its policies despite interference from multnasional standardization organizations, such as the European Union. 

Negative Impact Bargaining 

With the opening of the system of government and the erosion of space and time between countries, space narrowed and shortened time to interact, did not rule a nation will lose identity because of the influence of interactions. Changes in ideology, political system, and the disintegration of the nation, it is very likely to occur. Moreover, if the government fails to perform quality control (pegendalian quality) of the adopted political globalization. 

Effect of Technology Development 

The development of information and communication technology (ICT) to media globalization into every country, including Indonesia. ICT-literate society will be to compare the reality of that happening overseas and domestically, including its political system. 

Globalization will gradually open up the minds of the world and in turn there is the desire of certain parties to adopt. In fact, start practicing the political system of imports, whether from Europe, America, and Middle East, in Indonesia, regardless of cultural diversity in each country and the fit with the political system. 

When each party to feel the political system imports the most suitable to be applied in Indonesia without watching the national culture, when it also globalization erodes the values of patriotism and nationalism. On the one hand, may not be suitable when applied to the political system or society and culture may still not ready to receive it. 

On the other hand, if rejected, the group will assume the government is not aspirational and not infrequently ended anarchist. That impact, if globalization is left wild in the absence of awareness to restrict ourselves  

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