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Iron Man: Reinkranasi Komic to Film

Hollywood film as if no stop spawn imagination works differently. All things seemed possible when it's all in the hands of the creators of films, especially fiction films creators. One of the fictional movie that simply attract the attention of the audience of the movie is Iron Man. 

Based on the story line, Iron Man is an action movie, filled with many suspenseful scenes typical of action movies. However, when viewed in the making, the film "Iron Man" can be categorized as a fiction film. Full of intrigue and deception visualization of computer technology. 

Iron Man in Comics 

The story of Iron Man is actually lifted from a fictional story of a comic production of Marvel Comics Universe. In addition to Iron Man, Marvel Comics Universe "giving birth" famous fictional characters, like Spiderman, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Hulk, X-Men, and Wolferine. 

Comics Iron Man tells the story of a man named Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark. Told that he was a wealthy, intelligent, often change of partners, and industrialists. Still in the comics, we are told that intelligence was owned Stark effect is not good for him. Stark was kidnapped and forced to make weapons that can destroy people. 

Kidnapping turns out to make it hurt. Instead of making weapons of mass destruction that were ordered, Stark would make armor that saves energy. The clothes he created as an effort to escape from the abduction. Stark was using the clothes and change into Iron Man. 

Throughout the history of comic characters, Iron Man is one member of the superhero known as the Avengers. Iron Man fame makes it adapted in various other works of fiction. One work of fiction that have recently adapted the story is the movie Iron Man. 

Iron Man on Film 

Comics adaptation "Iron Man" was born in the two types of films, animated films and live action films. Iron Man movie in the form of live action directed by Jon Favreau and circulated in cinemas in 2008. The story is not too much different. At the very least, the character of Iron Man has not changed. He is still depicted as an intelligent adult male, wealthy, and playboy. Property owned by the Iron Man movie version obtained from the legacy of his late father. 

Live action movie "Iron Man" also talks about a kidnapping that experienced by the main characters. As heir to his father's business that engages in military contractors, Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr.. visit to Afghanistan. Afghanistan who was then the center is in a state of war is a "fertile ground" for business. 

During his stay in Afghanistan, Stark or Iron Man introduced a new military weapon production company. Upon their return from a business trip, the Stark was attacked by a group of terrorists in Afghanistan. Stark was a prisoner of the terrorists. Terrorist prisoner is in fact not merely charming Stark for no apparent reason. They want Stark to make a weapon that has been the introduction of these. 

Similar to the way the story in the comics, Stark did not obey commands such terrorist groups. Secretly, Stark creates a suit of armor filled with strength. Once completed created, armor is used as a weapon to escape from the terrorists in Afghanistan. 

Stark wrapped armor seemed to start losing their identity. He was not recognized by the people closest. Finally, Stark worked with an agency called SHIELD and saying that Iron Man is himself.  

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