Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tips Fun Way street

The streets are always fun. An activity that does not force us in the crush-crush, as does the moment is doing the job. The roads will indeed be better done at a certain time, when the long holiday, permit the leave, or holiday in a short time. 

To vacation in a short time, it would be nice if a walk in the city where you live. However, roads that will surely draw you can get on a long vacation and leave. There are some things that a preparation before the start of the streets in order to vacation. 

1. Looking for Unique Holiday Place 

The point is that you must specify the place or location which really can give a new freshness, away from the hustle and bustle. You can determine this by geographical conditions, temperatures, and information about areas to be addressed. 

2. Creating the Right Plan 

If you want to enjoy a walk and travel with nature, of course you also have to prepare everything properly. For example, carrying simple equipment, bags, clothes to taste, and others. This will certainly be very different if you choose a trip to Singapore, Japan, and so forth. Usually, that will be targeted there is shopping. Thus, any activity holiday or a trip you and prepare the plan matured, including the money of course. 

3. Bringing Drugs 

If the circumstances and environment at the destination the roads are not in accordance with the condition of your body resulting in mild disease, medical supplies can be first aid. However, the drug should be provided in accordance with your body. For example, if you want to walk out of the country because not every overseas pharmacies sell the same drugs in Indonesia. It also applies to the streets of natural attractions, in Indonesia or anywhere else. 

4. Record Important Numbers 

Do not forget to note the significant numbers as a precaution in case something unexpected when the streets. Thus, you can communicate with the outside world for assistance or relief. For a walk in nature tourism, at least, between you and your friends have to carry handy talky (HT) because not all the telecommunication network can penetrate nature. 

5. Bring Cameras 

Do not forget to bring a camera. Camera phones, pocket cameras, SLR cameras even. In certain places, you'll want to completely capture particular moments and become special memories. 

6. Backpaker 

Who does not like the "planning" mature or have an adventurous soul might make outings a la backpaker. That is, a person or group prefers to let himself off to explore wherever he liked. In this case, need not carry too much cash. Just need to set up more equipment, such as clothing, tents, small stoves, flashlights, thick clothes to resist wind or cold air, and others. 

7. Being a Guide or Working in Travel Agents 

If you want to walk anywhere without the cost of equipment and other things that might be considered inconvenient, perhaps you could sign up or working as guides or work in a travel agency. By working there, indirectly you will follow the roads financed by the office that in fact the cost paid by consumers who want to enjoy travel and vacation by signing up at travel agencies. Source:: Anneahira


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