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How to Play Magic Rope

Magic is the entertainment that can make penontonnnya impressed by the game performed by magicians for magic in this game there are actions that unexpected and sometimes not reached with our logic. For example, there are magicians who can relieve himself, then cut his legerdemain into two parts as well as other attractions are full of surprises.
Plays a very big attraction magic like the examples mentioned above are needed skills and tricks to be learned over the years. But if you want to learn magic, you can do from the smallest and easiest legerdemain, namely legerdemain rope. Rope magic trick this is the easiest game, but the effect can make people amazed. 

Sorts Rope Magic Games 

Legerdemain rope consists of several types. Two of them are briefly discussed in the following reviews.
Magic Rope How to Play First

  1. Ask for help viewers who are watching your magic attraction, ask them to bind you.
  2. You Sit in a chair, tie a rope on your thighs.
  3. Once strapped on your thighs, then cross the rope on top of your thigh, the left strap to the right and vice versa, then put both your wrists above the second meeting of the rope was then tied tightly.
  4. Close ties with a fabric cover.
  5. Ask the audience to come forward by pulling the audience in the direction you're using your hands.
In effect, the audience will be surprised that your hand can be separated without realizing it. Then, put your hand back in a state bound by and ask the audience to open the cover fabric. Viewers will get amazed with your rope legerdemain. 

Rope Magic Playing Both Ways

  1. Tie our hands with a cloth or even handcuffs, rope and enter into a fabric or rope handcuffs so that the position was in the middle of your hand.
  2. Make a small circle of another rope, put a hand into the circle that was made earlier.
  3. Pull both sides of the rope that is between the fabric or handcuffs you, then the rope will be pulled out of our hands.
Rope Magic Secrets
Once again emphasized science magic tricks and skills requires only owned and played the hand speed in magic and that is the main base in playing magic. 

Secrets contained in the first way was a magic rope is tied to a rope had only just crossed the way to remove it you simply rotate your wrist so that both have enough space to release your hand. As for how the latter requires only hand speed.  

Source:: Anneahira


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