Monday, 7 February 2011

Some Light in the Windows Game

The presence of light in computer games is beneficial to briefly rest the mind from work. Some games will direct light are installed as soon as you install Windows on a computer. Among these are game Minesweeper and Solitaire. 


In the game Minesweeper, there are boxes of board games like chess board, but all gray. At the beginning of the game, the box is all sealed box. Left-click to open the box. But be careful, because there are many mines underneath. If you click on the box of existing mine, the game ends alias game over. 

If you click the box that there are no mines, it would appear a number or a blank box. Figures ranged from 1-7. Figures 1 means there is a mine in one box nearby, can be above, below, right, left, top right, top left, bottom right or bottom left. Figures 2 means there are 2 mines near the box numbered 2, and so on.
Right-click to signal flag on the box that you believe there is mine. For example, after the open boxes numbered 1, and in the surrounding areas there is only 1 box unopened, can be ascertained under it is mine. 

Sometimes there are a few unopened boxes, you mark it with a right click in the box that you suspect. Then click the right-left (right click and left click do the same) on air-digit box to open the other boxes around the numbers and flags that are still closed. 

By default, there are 3 boards are available that can be selected, namely Beginner (9 x 9 boxes), Intermediate (16 x 16 box), and Expert (30 x 16 box). Or it could also create their own boards (Custom). 

At the top left there are numbers that read the number of mines found in the board. While in the upper right is the time that has been taken in the second. 


Solitaire is one game card-based light. The ultimate goal of this game is to unlock all the cards and compile them into a sequence starting at the lower card (As) to highest (King) with separately for each type of card (clubs, diamonds, hearts, or spades). 

In the top left corner there is a deck of cards 'cangkulan' that have not been open except the top card. On the right top there are 4 places that have been sorted a deck of cards began to As. Each pile for 1 type of card, can not be combined. While at the bottom there is a row of temporary cards. Here you can sort the cards and shift from one pile to another pile provided that its value is lower than the previous card. 

If you are stuck, click on the stack of cards 'cangkulan' to open the card. If you find the aces, double-click to place it immediately on the right above. Furthermore, if you find a card numbered 2 and an ace for the same type of cards already in the top right of this stack, Move to it. So forth until King card.  

Source:: Anneahira


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