Wednesday, 22 December 2010

12 Download Free Webside Comics Manga

1. Anip Homeunix This website is probably the site most complete free download manga. Lots of manga-manga that are always updated and complete, if you have a collection of manga, you can also upload there, almost all the manga you are looking for is all there, from naruto, death note until doraemon. However, this website has a weakness in the navigation and lots of words referring confusing. 

2.MangaDownloads This website has a lot of manga (Japanese comics) to be downloaded for free, among other titles is A Fairy Tale for You, Fuku-Fuku Funya-n, Nine, Rough, Hiatari Rtoukou, Penguin Brothers, One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, Skip Beat, Detective Conan, Katsu, Kotaro Makaritoru, One-Shot, and Touch. In addition, there are many more manga which can be downloaded free of charge other. Download here pretty easily because it directly can find the download section. 

3. Yanime manga projects (in-scan, and hold in-translate) on this website include titles such as Addicted to Curry, Gakuen Heaven, Ichigo 100% and Sidooh. In addition there are many other interesting manga for download. You can download for free directly on the site. 

4.Dragon Voice Scanlations Lots of manga-manga titles here include Aishiteruze Baby, Gakuen Alice, Ai Yazawa's Tenshi Nanka ja Nai, and many others. You can download these titles directly on this site, but did not rule out any other manga titles on this site. 

Projects 5.Manga Online manga projects that can be downloaded for free at this site include titles such as Angel Heart, Boku no Marie, DNA, Garusu no Kodou, Guru Guru Ponchan, Hen and many others. 

6. MangaSpot www.mangaspot.comWell, this one site if it is complete and all the download links direct download. This site is one of my favorite site for downloading manga. 

7. FairyFly site is really cool, it is the comics series pretty romantic as you can download directly. You can choose the volume and per chapter. 

8. dipsy the site this one is quite simple and you can simply select the manga or anime that you can download by folder alphabetically. 

9. Simple Manga site is very simple as the name implies, here you can only read the manga online, but with a little trick you can save it really. The advantage of this site is you can read 

10. http: / / download using sendspace, pretty quickly for downloading. 12.

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