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Success Stories Andrew Dervish As Founder Kaskus

For those of you who frequently interact with the virtual world, must be very familiar with Kaskus name. Kaskus is the name of the forum or community on the internet that most of Indonesia and of course best known by Internet users. Do you know how the success story of its founder?

Profile Andrew Dervish 

Kaskus founder was in fact a young man who initially only wanted to develop his hobby. He is Andrew Dervish, a man who was born on July 20, 1979 and already a successful young entrepreneur forum Kaskus blessing that he has made. 

The success story of this young entrepreneur started since he was still studying at Bina Nusantara University. At that time he made a site for his uncle, and since that's when Andrew started to love with all things related to the website. 

After he graduated from Binus, Andrew then went to America to continue his studies at Seattle University. While studying in the land of Uncle Sam's stories of Andrew as a founder Kaskus really begins. 

History and Development Kaskus 

Around the year 1999, Andrew, who was a student in America gets an assignment to create a website. Andrew was then intended to create a community forum which can be used to interact with other Internet users, especially the Indonesian people who live in America. 

Finally, on November 6, 1999, Kaskus created by Andrew and his two friends who are also from Indonesia, namely Ronald and Budi. Kaskus itself stands whispering that could be interpreted as gossiping or chatting.
Andrew's success story as the founder of the forum Kaskus is not smooth. In the early occurrence of this forum Kaskus not very popular, can even say there was not much interested to visit the forum. Seeing this fail, Ronald and Budi eventually drop out from the project website. 

However, from a failure that was Andrew Dervish started a lot to learn. He did not despair and start to fix websites that he was working on. Kaskus is changing, not only as the site contains news, but many sub forums that have been developed by Andrew. For example sub-forums about gaming, or that contain adult content (called BB or Open-Aperture +17 +17). 

Since then, the popularity Kaskus developed by Andrew also started to show changes. Persistence Andrew Dervish in the development of the site still continued after he graduated from Seattle University and returned to Indonesia. 

From this success story Andrew Dervishes began to appear. Many parties are then interested in becoming a client and put an ad in Kaskus. Not only investors, the number of the member forum which is often referred Kaskuser Kaskus also shot up. 

In 2008, Andrew delete sub-forum BB +17 to comply with the Act ITE about pornography. At first many thought that Kaskus popularity will decline, because initially Kaskus is known for its pornographic content on the BB +17. 

But it turns out that assumption is incorrect. After BB +17 deleted, Kaskus name remained popular in cyberspace. In fact, in April 2010, Kaskus ranked sixth as the most visited websites in Indonesia. 

The success story of Andrew Dervish has highlighted many media, both print and in cyberspace. At the relatively young age, Andrew has become a successful businessman over the Internet. He even won an award from Indosat for The Online Inspiring Award 2009, along with Raditya Dika who became well-known blogger and author.

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