Wednesday, 19 January 2011

IQ Beautiful Women and Handsome Men Higher

"The relationship between attractiveness and intelligence, more strongly observed in men." 
Handsome men and beautiful women can be said of the lucky ones. Not only has the physical handsome, in a recent study, they proved to have a level of intelligence above the average. 

The study took samples of men and women selected British and American shows that they have an IQ (intelligence quotient) 14 points above average. 

These findings shatter the myth about the human as well as a stupid blonde or have a bleak future. According to research conducted by the London School of Economics, they are blessed gift of remarkable, not just the physical side but also intelligence. 

Descendants of male partners handsome and beautiful women tend to inherit the good qualities of his parents, and then continue the genetic line that can go down-down. 

"Physical attraction is more significantly related to general intelligence of individuals even without the influence of social relationships, body size, and health," said Satoshi Kanazaw, LSE researcher at the Sunday Times, which quoted VIVAnews the Daily Mail, Thursday, January 20, 2011. 

"The relationship between attractiveness and general intelligence is more strongly observed in men than women," he said. 

In another study, through a framework of social strata, also found that middle-class womanhood in tend to have higher intelligence than their counterparts in the lower classes or the workers. 

Of the millions of examples that involve beauty and intelligence, some of whom have chosen is supermodel Lily Cole who managed to get into Cambridge University, actress Kate Beckinsale who is also a graduate of Oxford, and keyboard player D: Ream, Brian Cox who is also a physicist. 

In the UK, the LSE study meneumkan that men who are physically beautiful and interesting to have an IQ of 13.6 points on average, while women 11.4 points above the average. 

This finding is based on the National Child Development Study involving 17,419 respondents, since their age one miggu in March 1958. From childhood until they mature, they continue to be given a series of tests to monitor academic progress, intelligence, and appearance. 

While in U.S., study findings are taken by the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health involving a similar sample of 35,000 young Americans. 

"Our opinion that the beautiful people and beautiful is more intelligent than average as a result of pure scientific research. This is not solely used as a prescription to evaluate or judge people in general," said Kanazawa. Source :: VIVAnews


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