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Events Comet Hitting The Earth

Events comet hit the Earth have occurred in 1908, precisely on June 30, 1908. Approximately more than a hundred years ago a comet hit the Earth event happened in Russia, namely in the river Tunguska, Central Siberia. 

Comet hit the Earth at that time thought to measuring a hundred yards with weighing up to one million tons and estimated speed of 30 km / sec. At that time, the comet has not yet reached the earth but there have been explosions. Comet exploded at an altitude of about eight miles and devastated the area around the explosion. For several days the sky still looks bright even at night. 

Based on expert opinions, the comet is a comet fragment which originated from comet Encke because according to calculations, the earth's passage through the comet Encke every two times a year, around July and November.


Comet or also known as comet is one of the celestial bodies are moving in orbits around the sun. Shape oval or elliptical path. Although often called a comet, but the comet is basically not a star, so the use of the term comet was not right. 

Comets have tails. Comet tail is a glowing gas that occurs when a comet passes near the sun. Comet tails are always away from the sun. In addition to the tail, the comet also has a core. Comet nucleus composed of solid materials, namely in the form of chunks of rock and snow.

The myth of the Comet 

Some people believe that the appearance of comets has to do with disasters and calamities, such as during a famine, pestilence, nor the occurrence of war. Along with the development of science, the arrival of a comet passes near Earth can be explained scientifically by scientists.

The appearance of Comet which can viewed from the Earth 

Not a few comets that can be seen from earth with the naked eye. Among these are:

* In 1957: comet maikos and palm roland
* In 1965: comet ikeya saki
* In 1994: Comet Shoemaker levy nine
* In 1996: Comet Hyakutake
* In 1997: Comet Hale BOPP
* In 2001: Comet NEAT
* In 2002: Comet Linear 

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