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The spread of Islam in the World History of Civilization

The history of Islamic civilization in the world is one proof that Islam is not a monopoly of the Arab states alone. However, Islam has spread to parts of the world away from the Arab region which is the origin of the spread of Islam. This shows that Islam is a religion that is universal and can be accepted by the local cultural diversity. 

In the research history of Islamic civilization in the world, showed traces of Islam spread across several continents. Some areas contained traces of Islam in the region such as Africa, Spain, Mongolian or Chinese, the Persians until the Eastern European region. In the region, Islam has become a part of life and community life. 

In the process of spreading the teachings of Islam, there is no evidence to suggest that all the process through violence. On the contrary when Islam arrived, they came to give a better life from the government before Islam came. As governments fight the despotic rulers before. 

This happens in Africa and Spain. In the history of Islam in the world to Africa, the Islamic forces come to stop the atrocities ruler at that time, namely the often Byzantine torture to the Coptic population. 

At that time, Amr bin Ash came to fight the despotic ruler's behavior. And when the Islamic government to replace African master, then all slavery and high taxes abolished. In addition, the Islamic government guarantees the freedom of people of other religions to perform their worship unmolested. 

Even based on the testimony of Thomas Arnold, through his book Al-Da'wah ila al-Islam, the Islamic rulers did not mention that the slightest touch of the church property. In addition, there is no criminality on the area that has been ditaklukannya.

Line Spread of Islam 

In the history of Islamic civilization in the world, there are some lines that are used to introduce Islam to the world community. Several lines used include:

1. Trade route. This is done by some traders from Gujarat who is famous who likes to trade up to a very remote area.

2. Diplomatic relations. This was possible with the request from several areas of the region were oppressed by despotic rulers and ask for Islamic rulers to help overcome resistance invaders. This was as that occurred in the process of entry of Islam in the region of Spain.

3. Line education. Many Islamic scholars who traveled and spread the knowledge they have from the results of studying the Qur'an. One of the most famous Islamic figures to the European region because of its ability in the field of medical science is the Ibn Sina in Europe known as the Avecina.

4. Arts building. This is evident from the existence of several Islamic-style buildings located in various parts of the world. One is building the Taj Mahal in India whose shape resembles the building of Islamic mosques. 

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