Monday, 31 January 2011

The Importance of Diabetes Research Millitus

The study of diabetes mellitus is a very important and urgent. Especially with the advent of the fact that diabetes mellitus was not only affect adults. But the disease also affects children and adolescents. 

The results of diabetes mellitus discovered, that the disease was previously considered a hereditary disease was not completely correct. The fact is that diabetes mellitus can affect anyone and at any age. 

Also do not recognize the social and economic status. Does the patient from among the people are, or those who come from middle class and the weak economy.

There are Two Types of Diabetes Mellitus
Actually diabetes mellitus can be divided into two types. Namely diabetes mellitus type one and type two diabetes mellitus. A patient with diabetes mellitus type one or abbreviated DM 1 this, usually under attack at the age of twenty. 

Included at the age of the children. The symptoms are weight loss for no apparent reason, frequent urination once, easily tired and often feel thirsty and hungry. And he just ate or drank. 

While diabetes mellitus two or DM 2. Although also attacked almost all ages ranging from parents, teens and children. But the symptoms are not so obvious, so many that are difficult to recognize. 

This disease occurs due to insufficient supply of insulin in the pancreas. This resulted in the emergence of an interruption of glucose to all body cells. Most cases of diabetes is type 2 diabetes mellitus. 

But this 2 DM patients did not depend entirely on input from outside the body insulin. In contrast to diabetes mellitus type one in desperate need of insulin injections.

Causes of Diabetes Mellitus
Results from the study of diabetes mellitus also noted that lifestyle changes which result in a change in diet is a factor main cause of this disease. With excessive weight gain or obesity, making four of five patients with diabetes mellitus are those who are obese. 

In children who suffer from obesity, about thirty to forty percent of them will experience the same problems as adults. Namely mengalani obesity that triggers the emergence of diabetes mellitus.

Tips for Children from Obesity Avoided
To prevent children for much of the risk of diabetes mellitus due to obesity, perhaps you could try some of these tips:

  1. Familiarize children with regular diet. That is breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Children should eat a little snack in between meals schedule of three meals a day earlier.
  3. Give input on children, the introduction of nutritious foods and some types of snacks should be avoided.
  4. Teaching children to participate in regular exercise.
  5. Giving children a healthy lunch for school.
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