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Right of Communication to Children Being Good

If you want your child behave well, pay attention to how you communicate the way you want it. 
According to the author of How to Behave So Your Preschooler Will, Too!, Sal Severe, Ph.D., communication is the most important factor for your baby can learn to behave properly. The way you communicate the expectations and desires will make much difference. 

Imagine yourself in the position of the little guy. If he heard his parents say something with a shrill tone or unpleasant, whether the message delivered can be understood? Of course it is difficult to digest. But sometimes, with a soft tone as if any child would not understand. How to communicate effectively with children? Dr. Severe suggested several steps, among others: 

Positive tone Tell your child what he wants to do rather than what you do not want him to do. For example, "Please dry your tears," than, "Do not cry baby!" or "Stop crying!" Another example, rather than saying, "Stop complaining", say, "asked him to tone polite, dong." When your child follow your instructions, give a compliment. Remember to praise his attitude, not the child as a whole. If you say, "You're a good boy when you play the same sweet you brother," the message that captured the child is not a good boy if he does not play nice with her sister. Instead of, say, "Mama proud of you share the same way you brother. Options you good, boy." 

Plan a good attitude Children need to know the expectations that you expect from him early on. Let him know where you are and he will go, what the rules are, and what would happen if he be good or bad. If he knows what circumstances would he faced, he would be far better to follow your instructions. 

Do not forget to bring activities for your little bag if you plan to go far, to restaurants, or anywhere else that requires your baby to a lot of sitting. If you bring toys or other things that make a little busy, you will avoid many potential problems. According to Dr. Severe, which brought goods will be more effective if the goods are new to the child. If you have time, Shop toys or children's books in large quantities, and store. Remove one by one if you want your child calm. 

Positive Messages The children believe anything said by their parents. If you say that the little hard to learn to listen, he would act like that. If you say that you believe he can learn to listen and obey the same what mama said, she will try to prove you are right. Plant the idea in him that he can do what you ask. They will learn to fulfill your request. 

Give praise for good things he did. The more you push it to do good attitude, the more he wants to make you proud. Most children want to do things right every time. Focus on positive things and you will see positive behavior is more frequent. 

Model Every parent would want their children to obey since first requested. But many parents who say "Later yet," or, "Wait" or heard the child talking but not thorough? If you want your child become a good listener, then demonstrated how to be good listeners. You must be pointed out things like this. Whenever possible, each time your child is talking, stop doing what you're doing, make eye contact with the child, and really listen what he said. Not only he would apply the same to you, it also will build her confidence, and make them feel valued. 

Play again Will help you learn to understand if you ask him to say again what you wanted to do. For example, "We want to play to where Aunt Rina, where you can play in the park behind him as Bella. But, we are only half an hour there. If you call Mom to come home, you go mom, and we get ready to go home yes ? Well, you try to repeat what my mother said earlier. " He will try to repeat your instructions. This will ensure your child understands what is expected of him. 

Realistic Expectations Remember, your child is a child. Toddler or preschool age child needs a lot of your time to be noticed. Remember also that the change will take time. Stay positive and be consistent and you will see a change in the attitudes of children. 

Learn to communicate effectively with your child is crucial to ask the child to do what you want. With patience and practice, your communication will improve, so did the attitude of the child.

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