Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mosquelife, "Foursquare" Islamic Version

Internet and social networking is an increasingly integral part of human life. After the appearance of these sites, the development continues to layanana location-based to facilitate users who wish to share information around the area where he is to other users.
Popular sites such as Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and others are providing location-based services. In the country, appears also Koprol, social networking principles similar to Foursquare. This site was then acquired by Yahoo.
Today, Mosquelife, location-based social networking nuances of Islamic origin Indonesia, officiated. The difference, MosqueLife introduce check-in a unique check-in to al-qur'an. "Have you Check-In to the Qur'an today? Lets commit a time to read, understand and practice model called the Koran ...," Mosquelife on the main display site.
"Actually, this service we bring to color up with content that is refreshing," said Eko Budhi Suprasetiawan, representing the team on VIVAnews Mosquelife, 26 November 2010. "The site also tries to follow the wave of popularity check in as a service provided by Foursquare," he said.
Recommended Check-in to the Koran, said Eko, can help the Facebooker to share the verses of the Koran every day with their friends. "In addition, we also can see the verses about what is discussed by Facebooker.
To register, users can log into Mosquelife utilize existing Facebook account he has. Every time he read the verses of the holy Qur'an and find verses that he wanted to share with his colleagues, he can press the Check-In. This paragraph will then be distributed to friends on Facebook through the wall of the user.
Check-In addition, users can also select Browse to see who his associates who were reading or discussing the verse in question."We are currently researching algorithms to deliver the features most popular verse," said Eko. "If in twitter is" trending topics "on MosqueLife we will be able to see the verses of what is being widely discussed," he said.
Besides can be used by a desktop or notebook PC users, Mosquelife can also be accessed via the mobile users who use smartphones. However, current mobile version is still under development. "Looks do not fit, we will still continue to do so as to meet the needs of users," said Eko.Source::


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