Friday, 14 January 2011

RI, users up Greatest Second World

Candytech users up from Indonesia recorded nearly 34 million members. 

Users apparently up from Indonesia's second largest after the United States. In a marketing strategy firm note Candytech recently, Facebook users from Indonesia almost reached 34 million, exactly 33,920,020 members.
Through statistical Socialbakers portal (formerly Facebakers), Candytech record monthly active users, Facebook has reached 596 million members. 

Co-founder Candytech, Jan Rezab, said that the information aggregate is obtained from the tool (tool) ads on Facebook. "If you try to create an ad via Facebook Advertising, you can select target users by location," he said as quoted by TechCrunch, Friday, January 15, 2011. 

Through the tool, Facebook will show how many members in those locations. According Rezab, through methods that Facebook users in the United States has reached 146 million members. Previously, according to comScore, Facebook has become the third largest website in the world. Social networking is expected to attract 648 million visitors (unique visitors) from around the world in November 2010. 

Socialbakers also revealed that a number of countries have contributed up a fairly large growth in the last six months. Throughout the six months, the United States recorded growth of more than 20.7 million new users, India 8.3 million new users, Indonesia more than 8 million new users, the Philippines 6.2 million new users, and Mexico's 5.8 million new users . (Hs) 

Source :: VIVAnews


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