Friday, 14 January 2011

Tricks For Young Children lured Vegetables

Young people tend to live an unhealthy diet. A lot of fat, some vegetable. 

Be proud if you have olive skin. Based on research by a team from St Andrews and Bristol University, UK, yellow-skinned people look more healthy and attractive.
Research studying the relationship between skin color and its appeal involving 40 volunteers of Caucasian-looking Scotland.
The study also found that skin color can be influenced carotenoid or yellow pigment in some fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids play an important role to make skin look yellowish.
Ian Stephen, one of the scientists involved in research, hope, the results of this study will open a new strategy to encourage young children to eat more fruits and vegetables. Yellow skin exotica campaign is expected to encourage young people fond of fruits and vegetables.
He said young people often indifferent to the threat of heart disease if less intake of fruits and vegetables. That's because the disease usually only appear in old age.
While the campaigns of vegetables and fruit make sexy yellow skin seems more effective, because the result is visible in a short time. It only took about two months of eating fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids to realize the yellowish skin.
"What we can do is say, this (yellow skin section) can be seen in several months if increased intake of fruit and vegetables," said Ian, as quoted from the Telegraph.
Fruits and vegetables that contain lots of carotenoids such as green vegetables, tomatoes and carrots. You can eat them regularly every day, not only for health but also beauty kulit.

Source :: VIVAnews


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