Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy Family Tips

Wealthy families, a lot. Illustrious family, too much. Not to mention the other families who labeled harmonious, educated, and planning. However, how many a happy family? 

It seems increasingly less happy family day. How come?
Many cases of murder, quarrels, and the trial involving his own family going on around us. Son kills mother, a mother kills her children, husband to burn his wife, the wife mutilated her husband, and so forth. 

This world feels chaotic and beautiful no longer seen. In fact, it may be no longer beautiful to be occupied so many people decided to end her life by suicide. Naudzubillahi dzaalik min. 

When asked the cause of all the chaos, emerged the articles are not acceptable reasoning. Only because of crying, the father bear the fruit of his heart is still slamming the toddler. Just because a thousand dollars cash, a parking willing to kill his fellow worker parking. Symptoms do this? 

If we browse, everything starts from home, from family, whether rich or poor families. What is clear, they do not feel the happiness in the family. 

There was no smile in the midst of their togetherness. No warmth that enveloped the stiffness relationship between them. Where do they have to find happiness? As if the picture of happiness that they should feel with your family? 

Anyone entitled to be happy. A mother's right to be happy, as well as a father. Both are a source of happiness for their children. Happiness begins from within the home, from family. Then, like whether it is a happy family?
The following tips can be regarded as a happy family. 

Happy Family, Family Expert Gratitude
Only Allah is the source of goodness and happiness. So, praise him with great gratitude for the kindness that we received. Verily, Allah does not need praise from us because of His essence He is all praise. If we are grateful, it is only for our own good. 

Humans have been awarded the hearing, pelihatan, and liver. Unfortunately, few of them are grateful. Give thanks here is to optimize the grace that has been received so that the existing potential everyone has the same capital to become a useful man for himself and the crowd.
If that happened was the opposite, it means that we have become experts gratitude. 

Happy Family, Family Expert Patient
Happy people are kept away from these slanders and the person who always be patient when faced with the test and trial. Indeed, the patient had no limits. Only the man himself that limits its ability to be patient.
Be patient was not an easy task, but it is not impossible to do. 

Happy Family, Family Qanaah
Qanaah means to feel pretty and feel satisfied for all that has been established. Someone who has this trait will always feel pretty, does not lack. However, it does not mean he is among those who do not have dreams, ideals, and passion to achieve something new. Not that. 

He is just like ordinary people, have something to be achieved. However, he memilikikelebihan in terms of receiving what he has got. Thus, God willing, he will be spared from the ambition to take something that is not right. 

Happy Family, Family Expert Obedient
Indeed, the happiest happiness is a long life in obedience to God. Therefore, we make it a habit to pray for grouped into classes of people who are always there in obedience to God. 

Families are always running rhythm of life in obedience to Allah, God willing, he will always get the help of Allah for all the exams that it faces. 

Happy Family, Family-advised Expert Advice
People who want to always have good luck in his family would be struggling to hold fast to his faith, doing the good, and exhort one another in kindness with patience. 

Giving advice is not only valid for a husband to his wife, parents to their children, or parents to their young children. 

Advice can be done otherwise, from wives to husbands, children to parents, and young children to parents. In this case, the necessary broad-mindedness to accept advice from anyone if it was true.

In addition, the necessary knowledge for the advice provided to become empowered, not the origin of the sound that ultimately can hurt. 

That's five out of several measuring devices happiness of a family. We hope that these five tips can be your happy family. 

Starting life with a loving and estuary in true happiness, happiness is not apparent that can deceive the eye. Enjoy the beauty of this life with gratitude, patience, qanaah, obedient, and advice.  



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