Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cheat Rp2, 3 M, Student Arrested in Nigeria

Actors initials ECA deceive their victims through the internet. 
Members of the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate Jakarta Police arrested a student from Nigeria who are suspected of fraud to Rp2, 3 billion. Actors initials ECA deceive citizens of Indonesia, named Raden Supreme Wiryawan, via the Internet. 

"Syndicate fraud. By way of acquaintance through site," said Director Reskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya, Commissioner Yan Fitri, Wednesday, January 19, 2011. 

Explained Yan-Fitr, the Great originally acquainted with RR, friends ECA through the site "". In talks over the internet, claiming to be citizens of RR offspring that will send the money 1.8 million U.S. dollars to his parents in Indonesia. 

Actors ask for help Great for receiving packets of money to his parents in Indonesia. Next Supreme willing to help and provide complete personal identity to the RR. 

In that conversation, RR convincing evidence to send the package via cargo shipments "Agility Xpress Couriers Service" along with the account number 61781 with the name of the sender RR. 

Even the actors including the company name Allied Omega Company is located 32 Myeers Avenue, 567 Park Line London, United Kingdom. 

In order to strengthen confidence in the Supreme, RR also include evidence in the form of certificates of deposit issued after receiving a letter of evidence, the Court received a call from the woman admitted that mentions the initials SC package of money already in Malaysia. 

But the victim must pay customs and excise Rp10 million. Court agreed to send money to Rp10 million through bank accounts belonging BNI AR. 

Not finished there. The next day, someone had the initials MD, contact the Great who said the package delivery problems at Customs Malaysia, so had to pay Rp16, 5 million. 

The victim returned to send money via Western Union to suspect MD worth Rp16, 5 million.
Great again received a call from the SC that mention the package of goods already in Soekarno-Hatta and must be redeemed Rp128 million because there is a problem at Customs. 

Victims meet with the SC request to send money to the account of AR. Victims keep being lied to send money with a total of USD 2.3 billion. 

Then, the SC to inform the package of goods has taken the initials J courier to be delivered to the victim.
A subsequent appointment with a General to present a package of goods in the form of suitcases at a hotel in West Jakarta area. 

The victim opened the trunk was found to contain five large bundles of U.S. dollar denomination 100 dollars, 50 dollars, 20 dollars and 10 dollars. Knowing if the cheated, the victim finally reported the incident to the police. 

Based on information from victims, police arrested ECA which was admitted as the RR, AR, and MD in the Mediterranean Apartment, Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta, Tuesday, January 18, 2010. 

Police searched the suspect's house in Housing Griya Sutera, Serpong, Tangerang, which is known as the third semester students of the University of Thistle Palmerah, Central Jakarta. 

Police seized cash denomination 100 thousand worth of 650 million, 50 thousand denominations of Rp15 million, one sheet U.S. $ 100 banknotes, two ECA's green passport, a proof sheet of deposit through ECA BCA worth Rp600 million. 

Until now the suspects are still undergoing examination at the Jakarta Police, and officers are still hunting down other players of this syndicate, which is still at large. (Adi) 

 Source :: VIVAnews


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