Thursday, 13 January 2011

Boy 13 Year So Hero As Floods

He is putting her brother to be saved rather than selfish. 

 Flash floods that occurred in Toowoomba, Queensland state, Australia, on Tuesday and left many touching stories. One is the heroic story of a 13-year-old boy named Jordan Rice. 

As narrated in the page Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday, January 13, 2011, Jordan is putting her brother to be saved rather than selfish. 

Jordan kindness ends unlucky, this brave boy and his mother died of flash floods which swept reportedly as high as 8 meters, almost like a tsunami.

The incident occurred on Monday, January 10, 2011, when Jordan along with his brother Blake, 10 years old, and his mother Donna, were headed to Toowoomba with driving a car. Their car suddenly broke down when through a flood inundation at a crossroads. 

Fearing floods worsen, Donna phoned the emergency line to request evacuation assistance. Operator instructed Donna to stay in his car, waited until help arrived. 

However, the flow of increasingly heavy floods and rising, forcing the three of them fled to the roof.
Water is increasingly rising nearly submerging the entire car. That's when a resident Warren McErlean, risking his life to save the Rice family. He strapped himself with a rope attached to a pole and walked down the flood. 

When we reached the car, Jordan asked McErlean to bring his sister first, then later his mother. He said he wanted to be saved at the end. However, when McErlean took Blake to the edge, came the heavy current.
"I hold him with one hand. I do not let go, then came the heavy current and dragged us. Then there was one resident who caught us and lift us out of the water. When I turned, I saw my rope broke and the car has rolled. They just disappear, "McErlean story. 

John Tyson, a lover, Donna, said that Jordan was a very brave action and called a hero. He said that Jordan actually scared once with water and can not swim. However, he beat her fear and choose to prioritize safety and his mother's brother. 

"I can not imagine how she could save her sister, but she was afraid of water," said Tyson.
"He is the champion of all champions, hero of the family," continued Jason Tyson recalled what he called a hobby playing music and menggambar.

Source :: VIVAnews


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