Friday, 7 January 2011

Want Can Dream Job? Wear Glasses!

Why do companies tend to recruit employees who wear glasses during the interview? 
The key to successfully getting a job is not just the ability to answer questions during the interview but also the appearance of aliases what you wear. If you're in the job recruitment process, try to wear glasses. That's because according to the research, companies tend to recruit employees who wear glasses during the interview. 

A third of adults think glasses look more professional users. While 43 percent of adults think that they look more intelligent. As many as 40 percent of those with normal eyes even consider to use glasses in order to enhance the opportunity to get a job. 

As many as six percent, using glasses to look fashionable. Then, nine percent think glasses make the wearer look more attractive. Percentage is the result of research conducted by the College of Optometrists. 

"It is not too surprising, that businesses want to hire a smart staff. And streotipe long if people remain smart glasses tend to survive," said Cary Cooper, professor of psychology at Lancaster University in England, as quoted by the Daily Mail. 

In fact, glasses are bad indications in terms of intelligence because he has poor eyesight. According to Cooper, there is the possibility that some people are more confident and change behavior when they wore glasses, which can by themselves improve their skills during the interview.  

Source:: VIVAnews


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