Friday, 7 January 2011

6 Ways Debt-Free

Can we live without debt? The answer, of course. But all of course there is strategy. The next question, possible to live without a credit card? Why not, yet many remain first person to survive before the credit card was found in the 20th century. 

According to experts, a life free from debt is not just about personal financial management, but a matter of changing behavior. Following them. 

1. Reflection:
why we get into debt. Once the debts pile up usually people will get carried away in sadness and confusion about how to pay it off. Yet there is one thing more important. Thinking about why the debt may arise. Once you find this is the first step to not repeating the same mistakes. Then ask yourself, could we live without a credit card? If he said, could. Well congratulations, you're ready to step further debt-free life. 

2. Save yourself from the biggest enemy: yourself.
Destroy all credit cards from your wallet does not mean eliminating debt. After all, you tetp have to pay. More importantly think about how you will pay for it and start mentotal all your debt. 

3. Start counting.
Count all regular income from various sources that you can get every month. Subtract with routine needs who would not want you should pay. Like for example for food, household goods, mortgage / vehicle, insurance, fuel for vehicles and health care costs. 

4. Enforce discipline
Eliminate any requirements that are not primary, eating at restaurants, movies, a trip to the mall or out of town, buying shoes and bags of branded luxury and so forth. Count every penny, do not forget to set aside money to charity according to your beliefs. Once again do not feel sorry for themselves by allowing a variety of needs rather than primary still suck your money. Better to use the money to settle your debt. 

5. Pay debt
Create a target date when you will settle all debts. Pay all debts of the remaining net income of basic needs that can not be avoided. Start concentrating on clearing the smallest debt. Once the installment of utangterkecil finished, you can use the money that was in rutinuntuk pay the smallest debt to begin to accelerate the process of debt reduction is greater. Just so you can be disciplined with this pattern, many of which could have been debt free in just 12-18 months alone! 

6. Create an emergency fund
Done pay off all the debts does not mean time to lounge-inattentive. Make sure the need is not a sudden swell so the debt is completed. Use the money that had been regularly posted to pay the debt for savings and emergency funds. It would be useful in the event of emergency incidents such as accidents, fires, severe pain and so forth. So when it happened you never need to turn to credit cards.  



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