Monday, 31 January 2011

Various Physical Phenomena

The phenomenon of Physics as one of the science of development is very advanced it began much demand. Not only from among the scientists who have long ago been in this world, but ordinary people from small children to adults looking for something related to physics phenomena. 

From the science of physical phenomena that we know all forms of the universe in which there is the earth, sun, moon, planets, which we often refer to as astronomy. 

In Greek, physics or physikos means "natural" can also be referred to as the physis or "nature." For us as a layman language of physics is a science of learning about nature on a vast scale. The physicists, or we will call them a physicist, studying the natural phenomena that are not alive. 

Or can we define this kind. The physicists are experts who study the behavior of the material universe in the scope of space and time as a whole cosmos. Is it just like that? Of course not. Sometimes the matter of physics not really understood by people who kecimpungnya not directly enter into this physics. 

Actual physical phenomena happening around us unnoticed. Basically, we are obedient to the laws of physics. And the actual physics is the most basic science because every science in the world, such as biology, chemistry, geology, and others studying the types of material systems that all matter is subject to obey the laws of physics. 

For example, chemistry or alchemy in this term is to learn about the molecular and chemical substances are formed. The nature of a chemical substance will be determined by the nature of the molecules that form it, which can be explained by physics entry on quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and elektromagnetika.
That's the chemistry. Physics can be studied more simply is time. Albert Enstein the genius of the one that suggests that the time was flexible like rubber or often he referred to as the law of relativity. 

Other physical phenomena is the distance. Did you know, sunlight is shining on us this day is not really sunlight that now. Need to know also if the distance between the sun and the earth has a short distance away about 154 million light years. So sunlight itself requires 154 million light years to get to the earth, and we know that light is the fastest matter in the universe. 

Other physical phenomena that we know is the big bang theory. At first heaven and earth come together forming a "unity" and "unity" are separated by a huge bang then munculah many galaxies, planets, and other types of aerospace materials. 

The phenomenon of physics that is currently a hot topic amongst the physicists are a big rip theory. That is a theory advanced by astronomers Pedro Gonzalez-Diaz from the research center of the universe in Madrid. He estimates Big Rip will occur about 22 billion years. 

She says the universe will shrink until it becomes a point, because the particles will be created spontaneously, the formation of extra dimensions as an exotic string or quantum gravity effects. He said when that happens then all the laws of physics will take the role of a very terrible and absolutely happen. 

Perhaps other physical phenomena that are very simple and often we experience is the apple fall, or gravitational theory. Sometimes people do not realize that he is also "material" is part of physics as well. 

Although most physical phenomena it is mere theory, anyway basically people should remember the existence of her and how should "know themselves" in the universe. 

Indeed, for the moment humans can only calculate, estimate, draw axioms, and forecasting. And the conclusion; how we are actually submerged in the universe which is subject to comply with the law (physics), which soaked into his substance-eksistensian: Lord of the Worlds.

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