Monday, 13 December 2010

Will the Java-Sumatra bridge materialize?

Serious government will realize mega bridge linking Java and Sumatra.
The government began to seriously make big plans to build mega Sunda Strait Bridge. If this dream come true, the Indonesian government hopes to exceed the most beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in California, USA. Moreover, the bridge will be built using the brain and Indonesian experts.

The seriousness of the government sticking out of the joint coordination meeting that was held by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs together with a number of ministries and agencies, including the Governor of Banten.

In a joint meeting, they had agreed on the plan and the Sunda Strait bridge construction in accordance with Presidential Decree number 36 of 2009 on the National Team Development Sunda Strait Bridge.
The result of the joint meeting referring to the Pre-Feasibilty Study (Feasibility Study) conducted by the contractor main initiators Bangungraha Sejahtera, PT. One by one the original plan such as rail, pipelines for gas, water and electricity began to be a reference.

"That's the result of our pre-feasibility," said Director of PT Sejahtera Agung Prabowo Bangungraha to VIVAnews Tuesday, November 30, 2010.

Company under Artha Graha Group owned by tycoon Tomy Winata is determined to realize the dream of building a bridge connecting the island of Java and Sumatra it. Construction of the bridge was done together the private consortium that was invited to join after the Feasibility Study is completed. "We run together all the components of the nation," he said.

According to Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa, along the 29 kilometer bridge was estimated to fund up to Rp140 trillion. The budget includes funds to build a double track railway.

The exercise is only a matter of Presidential Decree (Decree). "We're at the edge of development," he said.
According to Hatta, currently all the devices needed for the construction of the Sunda Strait Bridge is complete. That includes the organization, personnel, integration of work and establishment of three working groups in charge of technical and environmental, economic regional development, as well as security and funding.

Furthermore, the government will establish a development agency of the Sunda Strait region consisting of the Advisory Board and the Implementing Agency. Implementing agency is then pointed to a Business Entity that would realize the construction of the bridge.

Because the amount of funds needed, the government hopes the budget can be funded by private citizens. Meanwhile, the provinces of Banten and Lampung will be a private sector partner.
Hatta hopes the bridge foundation can be built starting in 2013 or 2014 by the technicians of Indonesia and was completed in 2020.

"It is expected that sons of the brain (engineer), Indonesia, Indonesian energy, as these icons of our revival is also able to build the longest bridge in the world," said Hatta. The hope the bridge is so iconic like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.

In addition to using Indonesian technicians, according to Hatta, the bridge will use the latest technology, and certainly designed with the strength of the building can withstand an earthquake up to 9 on the Richter Scale. "Details of how the technology is too technical, we now towards the end of this development plan," said Hatta.

However, Agung Prabowo R disclose this bridge construction technology will adopt the Messina Strait Bridge in Italy. "This technology was already applied in China," said Agung.
According to Agung, to fund development, a number of investors expressed interest, particularly from China. "A very serious there are 4-5 companies," he said. However, the Court not to mention the name of the company.

Meanwhile, from within the country, a number of companies are also interested in such as PT Jasa Marga Tbk and PLN. Jasa Marga will handle the highway, while the PLN to build a wired network. "They (PLN) has a plan to build under sea cable network. But they want to come with us through the bridge project," he said. (Hs)

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