Friday, 24 December 2010

Supporters Make Malaysia Indonesia Trembling

Apparently, supporters of Indonesia makes Malaysia quite unperturbed. Although status-final first leg away at AFF Cup 2010, Indonesia is considered to have a lot of fans who remained.
Media Malaysia Indonesia would call a solid supporter. At least, 15 thousand supporters of Indonesia coming to the Bukit Jalil Stadium to give support to the Word Utina et al in the face of Malaysia.

That number is not too much, if all tickets sold. The committee provides the 85,000 tickets. A total of 15,000 to a share of supporters of Indonesia, but according to the Indonesian Ambassador in Malaysia, Da'i Bachtiar, the number was still lacking.

The number of supporters of Indonesia is far behind. But, supporters of Indonesia known to be very compact and has a song of pride that can be spontaneously sung together, the "Garuda in My Chest".

Song of the compact it will be still felt in the stadium, although supporters Malaysia will be harder sound. However, compactness in shouting or singing can have a strong effect.

Sites Malaysia,, called the Indonesian supporters solid. And, as many as 15,000 tickets to Indonesia almost certainly bought all.

As of Friday (12/24/2010) alone, there were 9000 tickets sold rations Indonesia in counter that opened at the Embassy in Malaysia. Prior to game day, Sunday (26/12/2010), estimated the entire quota Indonesia had been sold.

"AFF Cup fever is rising. Sasya hope everyone can enjoy it and support the right way," said Commission Chairman Fiket Football Federation of Malaysia (FAM), Datuk S. Sivasundaram.
Source:: Kompas


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