Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Indonesia Wins Luck 2-1

Indonesia finally could breathe after waiting a quarter of play to concede one of the other side of Thailand's strongest team merupkan se southeast Asia, Indonesia could eventually win the match even though worried Thailand would be eliminated by ...
Indonesia losing end of the first round of attack against Thailand who play more pressing than on the Indonesian side, the lack of strategy from midfield and the front ... Indonesia could be said to win fortune from the other side, almost 3 times Indonesia to stop breathing because almost conceded and it is red note from the coach who acquired the players while playing along Thailand Indonesia ..

In the appeal now compete with Malaysia and Laos, Indonesia, more attacking and his strategy is more mature than against Thailand last night.
Not at discharge Firman Utina to play compete with Thailand, could be said the loss of the executioner in the field hijou, in because of getting a yellow card from referee while playing against Laos.

End of Indonesia won the match after 2 times a penalty kick in because Hengball and Foult conducted Bambang Pamungkas even enter the field at the second session ..
Bambang was given the power to be the execution time penalty opponents ... Thailand and Indonesia managed to advance despite winning the next kebabak luck. But that's what's important to Indonesia continued to advance to the next session .... 



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