Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Code River overflowed.

The rain which flushed quite dense in the area of Sleman Regency has impacted the water overflow of Code River which divides the city of Yogyakarta. Surge of water flooded the area, such as Guava - Jetis, Rusunawa Cokrodirjan, and Jogoyudan.
Code River overflowing due to the overflowing material is accompanied by Merapi flooded homes in the area and forced about 500 people to be evacuated.
"At least there are 500 residents who had to be evacuated from their homes flooded cold lava," said Eko Surya, Head of Settlements and Regional Infrastructure (Infrastructure) of Yogyakarta, Monday, November 29, 2010.

In addition to Eko said residents should be evacuated, some cliffs also landslides due to the swift lunge cold lava flow that was taken from a tipped Gendol River at Merapi.
"I'll be right down the field to ensure the amount of the loss. On some cliffs that ambrol, he said he would communicate with the Mayor of Yogyakarta to determine the allocation of post repair," he explained.
Eko states residents in flood prone areas are asked are always vigilant because the rain which fell in November is believed has not ended. With the silting up due to eruption of Mount Merapi, an issue that quite a lot of material.
"We can not determine how the budget will be used to repair a broken cliff because they have to berkomikasi with the mayor," he said.

Source :: http://nasional.vivanews.com/news/read/191262-sungai-code-meluap--500-warga-diungsikan


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