Monday, 20 December 2010

All Most Expensive Things 2010 (II)

Here are 6 of 13 objects whose value is highest in 2010.
The following objects are created not simply to perform its primary function. With unique designs and made of materials selected, the following objects are created in a special.
Here are the most expensive things in the world throughout 2010, as quoted from

8. Tie: 1 crore (10 million rupees)

red carpet, using the world's most expensive tie, the photographs spread throughout the world. Ties are bertahtakan 261 diamonds and 77 carats respectively. The fabric itself is made from pure silk with 150 grams of gold. Ties worth 10 million rupees, equivalent to USD 1.9 billion, it is designed by Satya Paul and the group Suashish Diamond.
9. Phone: £ 28,000

The phone is adorned with a special gold for the rich is made Peter Aloisson. The cost is making these phones more than the price of a BMW 3 series or a Jaguar S-Type. The phone is a Motorola phone, which was covered in 1200 diamonds and 18 karat gold decorated keyboards. Price of these phones is £ 28,000, equivalent to USD 375.2 million. This phone beat the previous record for most expensive mobile phone that also Aloisson production, called 'Diamante', which cost £ 23,000.

10. Perfume: £ 47,500 

The price of this perfume is £ 47,500, equivalent to USD 636.5 million and is the most expensive perfume in the world. Perfume was created by the famous perfume maker from England, Arthur Burnham, is packaged in a 4 in bottle made of platinum, 24 carat gold, rubies and diamonds.

11. Pena: U.S. $ 265,000

A Swiss company Caran d'Ache make the company's most expensive pen in the world is called 'La Modernista Diamonds'. Pens are sold in Harrods, London, England for U.S. $ 265,000 or equivalent to Rp 2.4 billion. Created by Antonio Gaudi, a pen is rhodium-plated solid silver and decorated with 18 carat gold with 5072 diamonds and 96 rubies.

12. Fungi: £ 28,000 per pound 1.88An Italian restaurant in Knightsbridge, Zafferano bought the most expensive white mushrooms in the world. The price is £ 28,000, equivalent to USD 375.2 million to 1.88 pounds. The restaurant got as a charity auction in Tuscany.

13. Stuffed Teddy: the price depends on demand

125 rust silk and mohair teddy bear makes Teddy look sheen. Gold knot looks adorned the hands of fur. Eye color of yellow gold is made of sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The ear is made of 24 carat gold. Teddy has a height 50 cm high. Doll made for presentation at Margarete Steiff, 125 years after the start making cloth pillow years ago.
Source:: VIVAnews


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