Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Help Indonesia Japan U.S. $ 2 Million

In addition, Indonesia also will send teams to help in some disaster areas. 
The Indonesian government provided assistance amounting to U.S. $ 2 million to the Japanese government for the recovery effort after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred last week. The government will also send relief teams to different cities in Japan. 

This was conveyed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Marty Natalegawa, after meeting with Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister, Makiko Kikuta, in the House of Pancasila, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wednesday, March 16, 2011. Marty said the assistance of U.S. $ 2 million or around Rp17, 5 billion, it is a form of friendly relations between the two countries. 

"Indonesia has been felt, care, assistance from the Japanese people," said Natalegawa. "Because that's very reasonable and appropriate, if at the same time Japan faced disasters, government and people of Indonesia must respond quickly and provide assistance to the people of Japan." 

In addition, said Natalegawa, the Indonesian government will send also on Thursday, as many as 11 people consisting of rescue workers, military and medical help for disaster management in various cities in Japan. 

Initially, the Indonesian government will send as many as 60 people. But reduced to 11 after getting input from Japan. "The Japanese government expressed hope for a team that was sent to work independently, so as not to create a new burden," said Natalegawa said, adding that this is the first wave of relief teams. 

Types of assistance is determined after the Japanese government approved. "This assistance is in accordance with the request from the Japanese government," said Deputy Foreign Minister of Japan, Makikko Kikuta. 

On that occasion, Kikuta also expressed gratitude for the assistance provided and the quick response from the Indonesian government. "Attention and concrete assistance given by Indonesia since the beginning of the tsunami disaster to us so great. For that we say thank you as much as possible, "said Kikuta. (Kd) 

 Source:: VIVAnews


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