Saturday, 15 January 2011

Is this the problem Triggers Suicide

Economic problem to be one trigger. 
The death rate due to suicide in Indonesia is quite high. Based on reports from the Ministry of Health, the death toll from suicide in Jakarta to 160 a year. This means, the number of suicide victims could reach 10 people per month. 

Parties to the Ministry of Health had made various efforts to deal with them. For him, suicide is part of the medical problems that could predict the story, which can be minimized. 

"Actually, if examined from the medical side, the problem of suicide triggered by psychosocial problems, psychiatric disorders, depression, and is influenced by genetic factors. But often the originators factor is the economic problem and also the problem of marriage, "said Director of Mental Health, the Ministry of Health, Dr. Irmansyah during the encounter in his office. 

'Even so predictable story, since if one fails to commit suicide once, surely there would be the next trial. This is what should really pay attention, "he added. 

To address this problem, the Ministry of Health is now preparing medical personnel who alerted the Health Center. In some health centers, medical personnel ranging from general practitioners who can explore mental health problems, psychologists, and psychiatrists also been prepared. 

Although not yet able to reach all existing health centers, however, the future will be prepared more mature, so people can gain a lot of information about suicide risk and danger. 

Not only that, the Ministry of Health has also released a suicide hotline with numbers "500 454" on November 10, 2010. And now, the number of callers getting a lot. 

According to Director of RSJ Suharto Heedjan Grogol, Dr Bella Patrijaya SpKJ, since at launching more and more number of the caller. Even the number of personnel that only 10 people volunteer to serve penelfon overwhelmed. 

"Before the beginning of launching, penelponnya only 1-2 people per day but is now in one day can reach 50 -90 per day," he said. 

Those who do consult a variety of ages, from teens to old age elderly. Also complained of problems varies, but generally they are still in the age of ABG, an average of complaining about the attention of parents and breakup. 

'As for those still in their productive age of 30-50 years complaining about economic problems, out of their office, can not work and the business went bankrupt, "said Bella. 

Another case with those in older age, more precisely they complain about the lack of affection from a child. Most of them claim to depression because no longer live with their children, feel lonely and need friends.
"Especially those who are already retired, most of them are depressed because of staying alone at home," he explained again. 

Bella hope, this hotline can be useful to society and could dampen the desire to commit suicide. Because, to tell other people, and be a good listener, will be very useful for those who have suicidal ideation, thus, the number of casualties can be minimized. (Sj)  

Source :: VIVAnews


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