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Characteristics of Unhealthy Work Environment

Office is one where someone spent the time from morning till night. At the office, each person doing the work according to its area. At the office, someone will contact with many people. Therefore, you need to socialize with the best possible working environment. 

Good communication antarpegawai to create a comfortable working environment and pleasant. If you are comfortable, you will surely do his best. There is no excuse for being lazy. Nevertheless, there are times when unhealthy work environment so that you become stressed. 

Recognizing the Work Environment
Everyone will want a work environment that is fun and healthy to develop a career. However, the desire is often not in line with reality. You can not do anything. Want to get out of work, fear no company willing to accept you in the near future. 

Before the nightmare was over, you should recognize the work environment from an early age. If your work environment is not healthy, do the anticipation as soon as possible.
Unhealthy Work Environment Characteristics
Here are some characteristics of an unhealthy work environment.

1. Reproduction Multitasking
The majority of companies want employees who are productive and able to spawn new ideas for the development of the company. An employee is expected to do more of the responsibility and tasks assigned to him. Moreover, issues related to enterprise development. 

However, not so for the company is not healthy. Companies tend not to like versatile employees because of fear of knowing the secret of the company. Therefore, the company will assign employees to specific tasks and fragmented to be easily controlled.

2. Ineffective Meetings
Indeed, the meeting became a forum to exchange ideas and certain goals for the progress of the company. However, it does not apply in an unhealthy work environment. Meetings were just the event to discredit and blame each other calculations with a dizzying rate as well as some cliched metaphor. 

3. Workload Not Makers
Generally, the workload will be balanced with the results obtained. Every employee would be charged with the task evenly. However, companies do not neglect it healthy. Sometimes, there are some employees who are assigned to work piling up. Conversely, there are employees whose work is very relaxing. 

In addition, the rhythm of work may change is uncertain. Sometimes, the job is so much to all employees overwhelmed. At other times, the job would not exist so that employees will experience dysfunctional. It happened due to the inability of employers to set management, ignorance of the duties and functions of employees, even indifference to employee performance. 

4. Overlapping policy
Handling of good work is the existence keparalelan a task with order or instruction given so that the work can be completed one after another. In an unhealthy work environment, it was not true. Sometimes, popping a new task when the task has not completed first. 

In addition to new tasks, the company issued a new policy which is sometimes quite contrary to the policies set forth previously. Although contrary, you are prohibited from protesting or asking. Moreover, complain. 

5. Unrealistic targets
A target should be set according to ability or capacity of the company. However, an unhealthy working environment will set targets that are contrary to the principles and the capacity of the company. Thus, the target set as only a fantasy that does not make sense. 

Those are some characteristics of an unhealthy work environment. If the work environment has to reflect these traits, you better get ready to find another workplace for a career growing. Hopefully helpful! 

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