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Tattoo and Piercing, the Sinister Art

Seeing someone with a body full of tattoos and piercing may make a person feel scared. Why? Because in Indonesia, a Moslem majority, tattoo and piercing culture has a very negative image. Whether this culture instilled by whom, obviously people bertattoo in Indonesia has always been synonymous with someone who is evil and brutal. 

Yes, Islam is strictly prohibited his people to have a tattoo. The reason is obvious. Tattoo drawn on the skin surface will prevent the water washing which will purify a Muslim when he was about to worship prayer. The pores of the skin being prevented by the tattoo ink is made ablution becomes invalid. If it is not valid wudhunya especially prayers. 

But regardless of the religion, the history of tattooing was probably a bit more form the negative paradigm of society for collectors (sebutaan for owners of tattoo and piercing). Therefore, this article will discuss about the ins and outs of tattooing, including its early history, because not all tattoo means to have a negative meaning. 

Tattoo History
The term tattoo comes from the Tahitian language, namely "tatu" which means the sign. Ancient tribes consider their tribal tattoo is a ritual. The reason they made the tattoo is to give a sign. For example, the Ancient Greeks used tattoos to mark members of the intelligence or their spies. 

While the Romans memakiai body tattoo to mark slaves and prisoners. In New Zealand, drawn spiral tattoo on the face of da ass is a symbol of someone who comes from a good lineage. In the Solomons, tattoo painted on her face that has entered the stage of mature age, and for Indians, a tattoo is a distinguishing one's social status. 

In Indonesia, bertattoo culture has been known since ancient. Precisely by the Mentawai people, Dayak Tribe in Kalimantan, and Sumba tribe in NTB. They memanandang tattoo with a slightly different perspective. For example Dayak tribe, people who have a tattoo on his hand means never behead their enemies. 

Others in the Dayak tribe, different is happening in the Mentawai tribe. Tattoo for Mentawai tribe are not made haphazardly. There are special traditions and rituals are performed before the mark of a man who was growing up. Tradition is called Harvest Enegaf aka initiation ceremony led by tribal shamans Sikerei or Mentawai. 

Tattoo is an Art 

Although quite creepy, actually tattooing is a form of art. Art of drawing the body. This is art with a high flavor because it only can be done on a particular image media, namely the skin surface. Giver and the recipient of the tattoo are the ones who have a high tribute to the work of art. 

Therefore, do not be surprised if the current semkin many people who have a tattoo on his body. Currently, tattooing is a cultural society, but unfortunately, sometimes the presence of a tattoo on someone's body is still often used for things that are negative. The existence of art as a tattoo or not really depends on their respective owners.

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