Monday, 7 February 2011

In Jakarta Athletics Tour

Lots of tourist attractions in Jakarta. Ranging from cultural tourism, to the culinary tour. From an expensive, until the cheap. It's all in Jakarta. We can choose Based on interest, financial ability, and ease of transportation.

Ragunan Zoo 

Tourist attractions in Jakarta, which are usually invaded people every day off is Ragunan Zoo. The zoo is a favorite tourist spots majority of Jakarta residents, due to influx of cheap ticket prices. With only pay 4000 dollars per person, we can enjoy a collection of animals in this zoo. 

Starting from the Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, to fish and reptiles. To achieve these attractions, in addition to using private vehicles, we can use public transportation such as public transportation and bus.
In the zoo parking area there is also the Trans Jakarta bus terminal. If entering the weekend and other holidays, can be sure of this corridor was crowded. For matters of the stomach, we can buy it at the zoo area or bring your own favorite dish and enjoy it under a shady tree.

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol 

Ancol Dreamland Park area has long been the favorite tourist attractions in Jakarta. Start the New Year celebrations, concerts, and other activities are often held in this coastal region. To reach this place pretty easily. 

In addition to public transport, as well as Ragunan Zoo, is also a terminal Busway. From there we can ride the special bus which will lead to a choice tourist locations. For residents of Bekasi, provided a special package, with a special train from Bekasi, joined by a special bus that leads to the tourist area. 

In this region there are several choices of tours. The most popular is Pantai Ancol like a beach carnival and beach festivals. There we can enjoy the beach while relaxing. In some places, you can swim and enjoy some water games. 

If you are interested in underwater life, you can visit Sea World. There you will find a lot of tank containing marine animals. The most spectacular of the main pool, where you can walk in the tunnels that cut through a giant aquarium, aquarium fish and sharks, which contains several species of shark. 

If you are interested berenag at sea, Ancol also has a water park or water park called Atlantis. This place is one of the resorts water park first. You can swim in several types of pool, relax in the pool flow, or try the water slide courage in the high tens of meters. 

Interested to see performances of dolphins and other marine mammals? You should visit the Venues Ocean. There you can see the cleverness and cuteness marine animals in a variety of performances.

Fantasy World
And, the most famous is the Fantasy World. Garden tour this game offers a variety of games. Most games are here to challenge your courage. Only a few games that can be enjoyed by young children. Average per game has a minimum height limit for players. For those who are interested in outbound, Ancol also provides a place, with varying degrees of difficulty and game package options. Also provided for those interested in the bike path. Source:: Anneahira


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