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Types of Skin Diseases

There are different strains of infectious and dangerous diseases, like dengue fever, measles, smallpox, AIDS, and others. There is also a disease that is inherited, not contagious but dangerous as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and others. 

However, the discussion this time not of a contagious and dangerous disease, nor is it about the disease is not contagious and dangerous. We will discuss about the infectious disease is not contagious and that can often afflict us at any time, but the disease is not dangerous. Although not dangerous, but this disease can be very disturbing to you. These kinds of skin disease is not dangerous, but very annoying. 


Nobody wants to suffer from tinea versicolor. In addition to white skin, itching, and smell, plus it is very disturbing. Anyway diseases that come out of the standard of beauty. Imagine, the itching bite will make you scratch panu. Once scratched, will adorn the white color of our skin. 

Panu is a skin disease caused by the fungus because the body is not clean. This disease can spread rapidly, if we use the same towel with the patient, or when people borrow clothes. We recommend that from now on be careful, do not borrow any towel before know that the wearer's skin fungus free. 


This one disease is not contagious, but the pain is not abysmal. For those of you who have suffered from the disease this one, definitely want to quickly solve these ulcers, rather than constant pain whack. 

Ulcer is a disease caused by dirty blood due to food, lack of clean water, can even be allergic. Boils are generally large. There are eyes in the middle that slightly yellowish color. Well, the eye is what is usually solved by the people. 

Ulcer size also vary. There is a growing, there is also a stone of acne. But do not be mistaken, even small size still feels pain. Boils still painful. The surrounding skin becomes red protruding. If you touched it felt a little like the entire body of short electric shock. 

More unfortunately suffered again if abscess in the skin folds, or buttocks. The pain would not play. So, if you happen to suffer from boils, quickly solved, so as not to interfere with the activity. 


People rarely consider dandruff as a disease, although it can indeed be categorized as a disease. Not dangerous, but very annoying. 

Dandruff is a skin disease that attacks the head. Terkelupasnya trademark is dead and itchy skin on the head, so the dead skin that falls around his shoulders. Besides disturbing activity, nor beautiful eyes. 

Mild dandruff can be prevented by cleaning the heads on a regular basis and use the proper shampoo. However, be careful too. Many products that claim anti-dandruff shampoo, but it makes the hair more quickly dandruff. Therefore, do not try changing shampoo. 

For dandruff that is acute, you should immediately see a doctor. Handling of the doctors will immediately make you free from dandruff problem. 


This one common diseases suffered by adolescents to adults. Often times to disrupt the appearance of the face alight. But acne is not uncommon also landed in the back and buttocks. If in the back, it will not interfere with sight, but often leave their mark on the skin. Which is often a problem is acne face alight. 

Besides disturbing because it feels sore, can also cause black marks. Therefore, early on the face with a good treat. Always clean the face of every want to sleep, let alone who feels have oily skin. With a caring face on a regular basis, undoubtedly acne away from your face.

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