Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ready Astronomers Watch Birth of the New Galaxy

Among other things, where galaxies come from and how the universe was formed at first. 

A telescope facilities are being prepared to monitor the space for the sake of watching the birth of new stars or galaxies. 

Cerro Chajnantor Atacama Telescope (CCAT), the telescope was built by an astronomer from Cornell University, the United States it will be located in the mountains of the Andes, Chile at an altitude of 5600 meters above sea level. 

This telescope will be used by astronomers from around the world to solve the most fundamental questions. Namely, where galaxies come from and how the universe was formed at first.
"Carbon in our bodies, the silicon in computers, gold jewelry that we give to the couple, all are goods that are produced when our galaxy birth," says Riccardo Giovanelli, Cornell professor of astronomy origin, and chairman of the development team CCAT, as quoted from Space , Thursday, January 6, 2011. "Things like that that will be explored using the CCAT." 

Giovanelli said, in order to understand the formation of materials be enjoyed now, need to know how the universe formed. 

CCAT telescope will have a diameter of 25 meters and using cameras and spectrometers are large. Later, the telescope will be able to survey the sky with light having wavelengths in the millimeter or sub-millimeter unit capable of providing a combination of sensitivity and greater resolution. 

With the ability to conduct large-scale surveys of the sky, this project will also complement the international Atacama Large Millimeter Telescope Array (ALMA), which are now beginning to be built in the same region, that is the Atacama desert, Chile. 

Both these facilities will be able to work together. CCAT will be responsible for finding new sources, whereas ALMA follow up by presenting the pictures are more detailed. (Art)  

Source:: VIVAnews


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