Thursday, 6 January 2011

Babies 'Twins' Difference mother

They were born almost simultaneously, from the same sperm, different egg, the uterus is also different. 

They call it 'twiblings': two children who were born almost simultaneously, from the same male sperm, the egg woman is different, too different womb. 

Both kids 'twin' was born after his parents, Michael Callahan and Melanie Thernstrom, undergo reproduction program.
The boy came from Michael's sperm and fertilized eggs from two female donors who never published his identity. 

Fertilization in the laboratory reproduction. Once successful, the fetus is deposited into the uterus two pregnant women substitute (surrogate mother). 

How was taken after Melanie experiencing reproductive problems and difficult pregnancy. Together with her husband, Melanie six times failed to undergo IVF. Various reproductive therapy also failed because the eggs problematic.
In fact, the couple husband and wife are eager to twins in their lives. Adoption efforts were difficult because knock realized their age are considered too old. Melanie 42, and Michael 37 years. 

There was no other way, Melanie finally gave up her husband underwent IVF alone. The couple deliberately involving two donors because they want to get the two children at once in their lives as twins. 

Their prayers were answered. Michael sperm fertilization with two eggs cooked the same anonymous donor. Given the weak condition of the uterus Melanie, they then left the two fetuses in the uterus until the birth of two female replacement. 

Two women were Melissa Fowler, 30 years old with two children, and Fie McWilliams, 34 years old with two children. Both lived in Oregon. 

Melanie and Michael give extra attention during the Melissa and Fie containing the fetus. They also accompany Melissa and Fie at delivery end of 2009 ago. Melissa gave birth to baby Violet, and Fie gave birth to Kieran, with a lag time of only a few days. 

Melanie and Michael now lives happily with Kieran and Violet. They also maintain good relationship with Melissa and Fie who had lent her womb for nine months. "We will not release the bond between our children and two women that contain them," Melanie said as quoted by the Daily Mail. (Pet)

Source :: VIVAnews


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