Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The characteristics of Smart Baby

Who would not love to see children under five. Moreover, if children under five had characteristics of a healthy toddler, active, and intelligent. Since its still in the womb of children already have a blue print (blueprint) potential and intelligence respectively. 

According to Howard Gardner, there are eight kinds of human intelligence, namely: linguistic, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, naturalist, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and visual-spatial intelligence. How do the characteristics of intelligent toddler in one of these fields?

1. The characteristics of intelligent toddler linguistics:

  • Ages 6 months able to pronounce simple words like "ma ..", "pa ..." and able to understand simple questions like, "Which eye?"
  • Age 1 year account for more than 200 words and capable of stringing short sentences consisting of two words.
  • Articulation is obvious at the age of 2 years.
  • Ages 4 years are able to make complete sentences.
  • 5 years old are able to connect the dots simple.
2. The characteristics of smart toddler musical:

  • Age less than 1 year of high ability to distinguish between a low voice.
  • Age 1-2 years can mimic sounds simple and sang children's songs.
  • Age 3-4 years are able to sing with clear articulation and precise rhythms.
  • 5 years old are able to play musical instruments and creating a harmonious rhythm.
3. The characteristics of intelligent toddler kinestetis-physical:

  • Age 1-2 years able to pull, push, throw the ball.
  • Age 3-4 years able to tie shoelaces, meronce, rhythmic jump, and toss the ball
  • 5 years old are able to do some movement at once.
4. The characteristics of toddlers logical-mathematical intelligence:

  • Age 1-2 years unable to name the number and distinguish objects.
  • Age 2-3 years could mention though still not the serial numbers, comparing, and grouping.
  • Age 3-4 years able to call numbers in order.5 years old are able to do simple arithmetic operations.
5. The characteristics of intelligent toddler naturalist:

  • Age 1-2 years likes to explore.
  • Age 2-3 years often asking questions about the nature around.
  • Age 3-4 years, the questions become more critical and more physical activity.
  • Ages 5 years he was increasingly happy to explore and find evidence about the nature around.
6. The characteristics of intelligent toddler interpersonal (social):

  • Nice to visit and be visited friends
  • Airs familiar with adult
  • Glad to help a friend
  •  Have the initiative while playing
  •  Can play together.
7. The characteristics of toddlers intrapersonal intelligence:

  • More fun was in the house or room
  • More fun doing various activities of their own
  • More love playing computer and reading rather than playing with other people.
8. The characteristics of children under five visual-spatial intelligence:

  • Age 1-2 years are able to distinguish (not mentioned) colors and the concept of high-short, left-right, top-down
  • Age 2-3 years are able to sort objects by size, the concept of back and forth, front and back, straight-turn. Know the simple forms and be able to read map la Dora The Explorer.
  • Age 3-4 years could mention the color, distinguish shapes, recognize the road to his house, and capable of playing two-dimensional puzzle to 9 pieces.
  • Age 4-5 years can play a two-dimensional puzzle with many pieces or three-dimensional puzzle, the length of an object capable of distinguishing without compare in detail.
Well, the characteristics of what kind of intelligence possessed by our toddlers? Our job as parents is to guide and develop the potential of intelligence possessed by the fruit of our heart.


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