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In fact Toddler Family Problems

Problems toddler is a family problem. For new small family has one child, problem child is a major problem in the family. Children will be the center of attention. 

The Golden Age
When impregnated with thoroughly, during the first five years of a child's life belongs to his parents, especially mothers. Five years of the two sons of his teacher. Notice if you teach children Mathematics or other subjects. Children will tend to defend their teachers and follow what the teacher's mother said. 

Five third year, a friend's child. Parents, in fact, very difficult to pry information from her own. Friend is the best vent according to the child. Five fourth year, children belong to her world. At this age, children may still be in college and very busy with her world. Five fifth year, girls will become the property of their husbands and sons would belong to his family. 

Thus, childhood is a golden period when planting principles and living a good life. The period of seedlings and the planting period that can not be missed just like that. The formation of personality and character. This period is a critical period. If one step, it will be difficult to fix. Are not children born without a habit? So, habits associated with hard work, discipline, religious norms and culture, all will be formed with relative ease at this infancy. 

Problem Child 

Generally, the problem of children associated with developmental problems and growth. 

Sleep Problems and Bedwetting 

Not a few toddlers who have trouble sleeping. If the toddler is not sleeping, the mother will be difficult to close my eyes. To create an orderly and toddlers have a good sleep hours, parents need her to. For example, set the child to have hours of regular sleep and wake. Get used to order and discipline. 

There are no events again after 20 minutes before bedtime, unless the activities of preparation for sleep, such as brushing your teeth and listen to bedtime stories. When awake, too. In order for this discipline arise, both parents must be compact so that no less a good example regarding hours of sleep and waking hours of this.
To avoid the child is still wetting the bed at the age of five, get used to changing diapers on a regular basis. Teach toilet training when the child was still under one year. Invite your child to know the toilet and how to wear them. Buy toilet training equipment favored by children. Teach how to properly wash his vital organs. Boys must be taught that good and proper purification. 

When still wet, take the kids to go back before bed and do not give him any drink 20 minutes before bedtime. Give a gentle massage on her body to be able to relax and sleep soundly without disturbance to the rear. 

Emotions are Not Controlled 

Discipline and the application of the pattern of reward and punishment must be carried out jointly between the father and mother. This unanimity is required for children are not confused and control his emotions will be easier to handle. If a child is getting out of hand, take the child to speak. Hug her and ask to use words instead of screaming or crying if you want to express something. 


Teach children to always be willing to share. Ego high kids can lead to sibling fights and quarrels between friends. Parents must be wise and not easy to defend one of the children. Children will be very sensitive when it comes to things of this distinction. So, calm the emotions of parents will bring a very positive impact on the emotional development of children in the future.  

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