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Know Some Institutions Home Course

English as the language of instruction is needed. With a good mastery of English, a person deemed to conquer the world. Recognizing its importance, many institutions established language schools. 

Demand is also very much from many quarters, ranging from children to adults. Starting from school children, professionals to housewives. Some English courses leading institutions, among others:


International Language Program or ILP was established in 1977. Institute for English courses has been developed in several major cities in Indonesia. The development will be the pattern franchise. 

In fact ILP also provides some other foreign language programs such as Mandarin. But apparently interested that most English courses so that in some branches, ILP only provides English classes only.


Institution LIA English Course founded in 1959 and is an acronym of the Indonesian Institute American. At its founding, LIA get a subsidy from the Government of the United States. But since 1986, began independent LIA LIA and now form the foundation. LIA Foundation is now no longer means acronyms such as at the beginning of its establishment. 

Currently LIA also been developed into several major cities in Indonesia. LIA is not only a non-formal educational institutions providing English language courses only. LIA is now also developing LIA Foreign Language High School in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. 

Does not stop there, the LIA is now also developing a division that publishes the LIA Publication Center magazine. The English-language magazine called Junior C'nS C'nS and that can be obtained easily by the community to increase English proficiency.


EF or Home First is an English course that has been scattered in 50 countries, one in Indonesia. In Indonesia, EF known as a breakthrough in teaching the use of native speakers. 

First Home is officially under EF management education has a vision to bridge the geographic differences, language and culture through the provision of quality language education. The quality is evidenced from the trust received the EF as an official partner of English language training during the implementation of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. 

This institution accept English classes of children aged 3-4 years (kindergarten) in the group called Small Stars class, elementary school age through adolescence in the High Flyers in the Trailblazers program. Not only that, the EF also organizes classes Business Home and Corporate Language Training for businesses and corporations. 

Thus three brief profiles institution famous language schools in Indonesia today. Hopefully helpful!

Source :: Anneahira


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