Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Demon fighter jet flown China Start

J-20 aircraft were reported to test fly for 15-20 minutes 
China today to test fly a jet fighter tech stealth own creation. The news came a few hours before Chinese President Hu Jintao, is scheduled to receive the visit of Secretary of Defense the United States (U.S.), Robert Gates. 

The Chinese government has not given an official announcement. However. have got the news media widely covered a number of Western countries, including The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. 

New York Times when contacted by telephone, a Chinese military observers based in Hong Kong, Andrei Chang, revealed that the fighter called the J-20 was flown for about 15 minutes. Test flight in Chengdu City, which became the location of aerospace technology research center of China. 

Some sites are monitored blog Wall Street Journal revealed that the plane was taking off around 13 o'clock local time and flew about 20 minutes. 

Gates himself has not reacted on the news. He is scheduled to be visited China for three days to establish a bilateral defense cooperation. U.S. to pay serious attention to China, which in recent decades seriously develop military technology and strengthen its defense capacity. 

Last week, photos of J-20 has spread across the Internet and has appeared in English-language Chinese newspaper Global Times. 

Among aerospace foreign observers, China's efforts to build a stealth fighter aircraft it is common knowledge. In 2009, the Air Force high-officials of China, He Weirong, told television station CCTV said it was immediately tested a fourth-generation fighter aircraft, the stealth technology, which means difficult to detect enemy radar and could escape from the detection laser. He was hoping that the stealth fighter made in China may operate in the next eight to ten years. The U.S. military also claim to not be surprised if China ambitious to make it high-tech aircraft. 

U.S. Defense Department spokesman, Col. Dave Lapan, said it was seriously on the publication of photographs of the alleged plane is J-20 and may have been doing trials with speeding on the runway, or taxi test. 

Photo J-20 also has appeared on YouTube pages (like on this link). (Sj)  

Source:: VIVAnews


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