Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Special Facilities Google Add to Blogger

Google has created a blog tracking service that can help users to more and find out how many comments are there and as a booster to provide the best for the reader. Tool is called Google Blog Search, released this month, coupled with Techmeme, Polymeme, Wikio, and other tracking tools that may be able to sort and organize blog posts into many categories.

"There are millions of bloggers from around the world are posting new stories every week. For that, we are very pleased to release a new homepage for Google Blog Search so users can browse and find the most interesting stories in the blogosphere. ", Said Michael Cohen, Google product manager.
California-based company is applying technology from Google Blog Search Google News website to separate blog, and grouped by category topic, story or event. Even Google Blog Search has also been a debate in the conference vice president of U.S. between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. An iconic image of the political rivals have indicated that around 1620 the blog has been classified in that category in only 19 hours.
"By grouping these blogs, then the user will be more specific to see many variations of perspective or just post a story." Explained Cohen. (H_n)


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