Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Torturing Festival in Spain Bull Until Death...

A few moments ago, this blog featuring articles about the massacre ever snake to be a wallet, shoes, bags, and so forth. In the article a lot of sorry for the snakes that were slaughtered en masse are just for fun people. If you feel it is cruel, wait until you see what the Spaniards are against the bulls in the country.

Every year, in the second week of November, shows a very sadistic held in the streets of the city Medinacelli. Once the sun goes down, the bull is brought into the city in a state bound, and dikerumunin by participants who claim to be 'most daring'. In the bound state, the bull is tied with a ball of fire in their horns by the participants is also a 'brave' which bull was later released after that.
The scene of the bull run known as Jubilo Tofo (meaning bull fire) and the bull that was tied fireball named Toro de Fuego. Once the ball of fire began to burn the bull's horns, the heat of fire will spread to the eyes and face that caused tremendous pain that can not be described in words. In pain, the bull will run into the wall and the gore-nanduk hurt himself, while the crowd shouted the crowd actually fun and laugh.
After many hours of incredible pain, the bull will be blinded by the fire, and then die in agony. Still not quite sadistic taste, the crowd will then cut the bull and then distributed to participants at the event.

Really sorry for all the lives bulls are only used as toys by humans. One more evidence of human atrocities on this earth. I wonder what people think about it yes, what if a family member in their home-made monthly this month, what they also will have fun like this.
The animal activists do not stand to see these actions so that they also make this petition for termination of this cruel act. If you want to participate in the petition, please click here to list your name as proof that your attention to this sadism.
Really sadistic act strong and not see it. Hopefully activists petition to fruition so that saids this festival can be stopped by the petition.



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