Monday, 27 December 2010

Similar Sites Special up Muslims

If you see the display above, you may be remembered by social networking sites are very popular, facebook. Who does not know facebook, social networking sites that have less than half a billion members worldwide. 

But unfortunately, as it appears on facebook but not a social networking site specifically made for Muslims all over the world who feel disappointed with facebook. Approximately 2.5 million Muslims Facebook users threatened to leave the social networking site when up did not immediately return the four groups about Islam. The group cleared up for them, 'I love Mohammed' and 'Qur'an Lovers'. Disappointment Muslims are also still associated with a lower responsibility up to respond to the things that insult Islam, such as harassment in the group 'Everybody Draws Mohammed Day' some time ago., this site mentioned will replace facebook. Tampilam presented early in very similar to facebook only Madina using green color. The possibility to move to quite high considering networking sites such regarded uphold Islamic principles. One policy is to prohibit female members put a picture of the profile. 

Although the actual policy has not been done 100% because we can still see the woman who put up pictures and profiles are not veiled. 

So, would you also go to this website?  

Source :: kolomIT 

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