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Sharpen Memory with 7 Foods This

Increase the brain's memory by eating some healthy foods below.

You are very lucky to have healthier food consumption habits and healthy lifestyle. These habits can reduce the risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and even Alzheimer's.
Healthy habits can indeed be your investment in the future. One of them, lowering the risk of Alzheimer's disease is a condition when one's cognitive decline continuously, so he was not able to take care of themselves.
According to the researchers, you can continue to maintain a healthy body and increase memory brain by eating some healthy foods that follows, as quoted from the Health.

FishRich marine fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acids serve to protect heart health, lowers blood cholesterol levels, helps lower blood pressure. Omega-3 also provides more oxygen to the brain, and allows one to store new information while still remembering the old information.

This type of fish you can eat, such as: salmon, tuna and herring.
VegetableThis food is the best source of vitamin E and folic acid. Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are very good for the healthy brains of children to adults.
According to studies, the compounds that exist in vegetables can help you keep the memory. In addition to vitamin E, vegetables also contain vitamin B6, and B12 which are important compounds to break down homocysteine levels, which can lead to forgetting and even Alzheimer's disease.
AvocadThe fruit is a rich source of antioxidant vitamin E. The content of avocados can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.
Sunflower seedsSeeds, including sunflower seeds, are good sources of vitamin E you need. A total of 100 grams of sunflower seeds contain 30% of the recommended daily intake. Sprinkle them on salads for more good can be consumed. It feels good, as well as nourish your brain.
Peanuts and peanut butterAlthough both are high in fat, peanuts and peanut butter tends to remain a source of healthy fat. It also contains vitamin E. These foods can help maintain heart and brain stay healthy and functioning properly.
BerriesAccording to research blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and other berries contain antioxidants that are good for improving brain function. The content of these fruits will help reduce the aging of the brain. Berry is also good for improving brain memory.
CerealsAccording to research, brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain bread, wheat, etc. are also very good for your health. These foods can increase blood flow to the brain. Thus support the quality of brain function. (Pet)

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