Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Want Indonesia Malaysia Found in the Final

"This will be an exciting match, especially when both teams are on the rise,"

Indonesia competed against the Philippines (Philippines) and Vietnam met at the party Malaysia AFF Cup semi-final 2010 (AFF Suzuki Cup 2010). AFF Cup semi-final match this 2010 use the away-cage system.
The winners in the semifinals will meet in the final later that also use the same system, and it is expected the final two sworn enemies will be met, namely Indonesia versus Malaysia.
"This will be an exciting match, let alone two teams are currently being improved his game," said the Malaysian national team coach, Rajagobal Khrisnasamy when found in Palembang.
However, to be able to reconcile the two, Malaysia should be able to subdue Vietnam and Indonesia beat the Philippines.
"We know now Indonesia are top of group A, three times a game without losing. So I will prepare the team better to be able to avenge the defeat of Indonesia in the final later on," said Rajagobal Khrisnasamy.

However, Malaysia is currently faced with a problem a few players to injury, Malaysia was determined to pluck victory over Vietnam and sought to recover the injured players.
"There are some players who suffered injuries, such as Asraruddin, Safee Salim. They've been sent home for care, and is expected to be recovered and re-strengthen Malaysia when qualifying for the finals," he said.
AFF Cup Semifinal Match Schedule 2010
Vietnam vs Malaysia* Leg 1 Malaysia vs Vietnam -> Malaysia (Host) -> December 15, 2010* Leg 2 VS Malaysia Vietnam -> Vietnam (Host) -> December 18, 2010
Indonesia vs Philippines* Leg Philippines vs Indonesia -> Philippines (Host) -> December 16, 2010* Leg 2 Indonesia vs Philippines -> Indonesia (Host) -> December 19, 2010

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