Friday, 31 December 2010

Romantic New Year at Home

This evening a romantic moment and only yours and my dear husband.
Romantic New Year at HomeThis evening a romantic moment and only yours and my dear husband.

Whether you are perplexed to find a place nice, calm, at once romantic for dinner while waiting for the turn of the year with her husband? At home, could be an alternative.

At home, you will not be disturbed by the deafening sound of firecrackers and traffic congestion. But, first make sure the baby is asleep in her room so that it becomes a romantic night and only yours and my dear husband.

Here are tips on planning a romantic dinner date at home, taken from She Knows.
- The idea of dinnerAs known to many people, to give attention to men, can through his favorite food. So there's no harm, for a romantic evening, make his favorite food. Or, if too much trouble to prepare themselves at home, you can also order from nearby restaurants. But it would be more impressive if the food made his own.

When you plan a menu of dishes, consider to include oysters, basil, garlic, almonds, honey, bananas and other fresh fruits, food ingredients list.

Do not eat at places you normally during this already made a place to eat. You can eat in the park, would be more romantic if there is a candle flame in there.

- The idea of after dinnerDo not immediately clean up the dishes after dinner. Permanent make this night as long night impressive. Here are some ideas to extend your evening meal as well as cover:

- Rent a romantic movie.

- Opening the wine bottle stoppers, turn on the fire, and electric lights Dim. Sit on the floor in front of the fire.

- If you have a family life, may also put out some old photo albums and reminisce about the old days.

- Bring a blanket, hugging and staring at the stars. Do not forget to provide chocolate for suitable enjoyed while talking intimately with her husband.

- If you both love to dance, why not change your living room into a dance floor? The best part, play your favorite songs.

Souce :: VIVAnews

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