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Survey: Women More Often MOLESTER

Some states even dare to do it with a married man.

Mount Everest summit reaches 8,848 meters high and was agreed as the highest mountain on planet Earth. However, Everst not nothing compared to Olympus Mons, a mountain on the planet Mars.

With a height of up to 14 miles, or about 22,530 feet, which is the Olympus Mons volcano on Mars is also now the highest mountain ever detected in the whole solar system to date. I was so high, if a mountain climber standing at the foot of Olympus Mons, he will not be able to see the top of the mountain.

"The mountain giant is expected to form in the same way with the formation of the mountains on planet Earth, which stood at the point where hot rocks ejected from the inner planets to the top," said David Baker and Todd Ratcliff, researchers from the Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA's Kennedy Space Center in its report, as quoted from Extremesolarsystem, December 31, 2010.
Nevertheless, the Olympus Mons volcano can still grow even higher in a different way to the volcano on planet Earth because Mars has no plate tectonics.

On Earth, the researchers call it, the tectonic plates to function as a conveyor belt above the hot coals. "The mountains are formed, die, and then form a new mountain because the plates move over the hot spot that produces a series of volcanoes," he said.

With no moving plates on the planet Mars, Olympus Mons likely to be in a channel-forming volcanoes for a very long term.

As an illustration, a small planet Mars is only about half the size of planet Earth. Imagine how significant the Olympus Mons volcano on the planet.

Source:: VIVAnews

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